How To Buy Break Dance Videos

There’s probably no better way to start the year than to resolve to have a better, healthier body. Why not add in learning a new hobby into the bargain?  One of the most fun ways of getting in shape is through dancing – be it ballroom dancing, ballet, hiphop or jazz. But if you’ve tried it all and you just want something different… well, break dancing, anyone?

Break dancing evolved from the street dance culture in the 1970’s, and it involves a showcase of fast, complicated whole body movements. Dance techniques used in break dancing include terms such as power moves, freezes, top rock and suicides. True break dancers call themselves b-boys or b-girls and refer to the dance form as “breaking”, and the term “break dancing” is sometimes even used disparagingly.

Breaking is a very challenging dance form, and it might take some time before you’d be able to successfully. That’s why it’s a great idea to start learning through watching break dance videos first, so you’d get at least a better idea of how the moves are executed. If you’re looking to find out how to buy break dance videos, here are some pointers to help you out:

  1. Go to dedicated websites. There are numerous online sites which offer break dance classes and videos for sale. Some of these sites include, and In break, they don’t actually offer videos for sale but you’d be able to find free sample videos that are labeled into categories such as extreme break dance, crazy break dance and funny break dancing videos. You could enroll for online classes at this site for $29.99. At, you’d find videos ranging from those that give tutorials on the fundamental footwork to videos that show break dance showdowns.
  2. Go to trading websites. Of course, make sure to check out popular trading sites such as and for available break dance videos at lower prices. You can also opt for videos that have been previously-owned, for an even better deal. To help you look around for the best prices, also check out
  3. Ask at dance studios. Take the time to visit dance studios near you, and ask the instructors there for their professional recommendations on the best break dance video based on your level of expertise. Another option for you is to visit a community college and see if they have a department there that specializes in dance. And why not enroll for a class while you’re there?
  4. Consider renting. If you’re not that decided on which dance style and genre you’d like to learn, perhaps it’ s better for you to rent first instead of buying. Check for it at a nearby video rental store, or try hunting for them at your local library.

There you have it! These are just some of the pointers for you to remember if you’re interested in buying break dance videos. Know that there’s a lot of available options out there for you, and hope this turns out to be a hobby that you’d definitely break into! Good luck!


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