How To Buy Colorized State Quarters

Colorized state quarters are uncirculated coins that are US-minted for each US state. These are coins that can add a new dimension to coin collection. You can also start a new set of collectibles with only colorized state quarters. These are commemorative quarters with unique designs that honor the history, tradition as well as the symbols that depict each of the fifty states of the US. The designs on the reverse of the quarter are usually done by a state resident and approved by the state government. Five designs were released per year and the complete set for all of the fifty states came out from 1999 to 2008. There are almost thirty five billion colorized state quarters that have been released. Here are some ideas on how you can but these colorized state quarters.

  • Check out the different websites that are engaged in the sale of coins to coin collectors. With the number of colorized quarters that have been issued it is very likely that you will find them online. Make sure that you check the prices against other websites as well as the prices quoted by coin shops. You can buy individual colorized quarters or buy a set for a particular year of issue.
  • Visit coins shops in your area. It is almost a certainty that you will find colorized quarters for some states in these stores. Visit other coins stores when you travel out of state. Some stores may not display these coins but you can always ask if they carry some colorized quarters.
  • Visit forums run by other coin collectors to find if some have colorized quarters to sell. Some coin collectors use these forums to place their personal ads or trade coins with other coin collectors who are members of the community. Some may even be willing to trade with you. The colorized quarters are not that expensive, though so you should always check the going prices for these coins before you make a trade. You can check out the price range for colorized quarters at Coins & Bears, one of the many websites engaged in selling coin collectibles. Another website you can browse is the State Quarter Sale. Review each of the colorized quarter on the site. When you wish to buy you also have to select where the quarter has been minted.
  • If you know how to participate in online auctions, look for auctions sites. This may give you a better price for the colorized quarters that you are looking for. Make sure that you do your homework and researched the actual prices of the colorized quarters before you bid at an auction. Make sure that the price, including shipping will actually be lower than when you buy a set or individual pieces.
  • Look for ad postings in coin collecting magazines. Some collectors may want to sell some of the colorized state quarters in their possession. Ask to seller to provide big colored photographs of the collection and additional information. Ask also if the collection comes in a special display folder or will be shipped as loose coins. If the collection comes with a special folder, also check the condition of the folder and if the price quoted includes the price of the folder or it comes free with the collection. Inquire about shipping charges and delivery dates as well as mode of payment.

Make sure that you learn all there is to know about colorized state quarters and how to identify the genuine article. Deal only with reputable coin sellers and always ask the right questions before you buy.


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