How To Buy Craft Paper

For children, craft paper is a form of creative expression. What happens when the child grows up? Adult decorum doesn't often involve scrapbooks, paper planes, or getting dirty with papier maché. Neither can a responsible bread earner devote excessive time to developing skills for laborious collage, flamboyant masks and intricate origami; or more scientific pursuits of mechanical toys and furnishings like paper blinds. Yet, with some imagination and no effort whatsoever, craft paper can transform your life!

Craft paper comes in different textures and colors, which makes it a beautiful packaging material. While light enough to wrap smoothly, even around flowers, it is also thick enough to create an aura of substance. The smoother side is ideal for penning a personal note or artwork. A slice of vegetable like Okra or Bitter Gourd can be used to create quick block prints. Highlight your vegetable-themed wrapping paper with a ribbon of contrasting color. To further accentuate, use craft scissors and cut strips of paper for confetti.

Suitably used, craft paper makes the prosaic fabulous. Whole sheets of paper on the wall can replace a soft board to mount photos, messages, or to-do lists. Tape the paper around table legs, lamp frames and wardrobe, to turn objects into colorful ornaments or fun places to write on. Cover windows for shade. Cut strips and weave into a table mat. Short strips make bookmarks. Fold paper to wrap books, or use flat to layer shelves.

Practical purposes include covering floor or furniture with large sheets to prevent damage from construction dust, paint or other tampering agents. Crumple and insert between crockery for shock proof storage. The rough side can be used for cleaning purposes. Staple sheets and string through a slim rope for a sustainable shopping bag. Other clever uses employ simple origami folds to make creative business cards and accordion folds to create a smart file holder, which easily suspends from paper clips. Serious professionals will find craft paper ideal for making a garment's paper pattern or for drafting products like plush toys.

Warming up to craft paper? It's readily available as 'craft paper' or 'kraft paper' at most stationary and art stores like Jam Paper, Utrecht, Blick Art, Paper Mart, and Mister Art. For heavy-duty usage, buy large rolls from packing supply companies like U-Haul, Packaging Price and ULine. Specialty paper stores like Kate's Paperie, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn and Michael's, offer high-end sophistication and a wide variety of designer colors and styles. 3M's Post-It brand also produces adhesive craft papers which have numerous creative uses. These brands have stores in physical locations and you can also find them online. To explore vendors for a price range, a quick web search will reveal a wide range of styles, prices and quality.


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