How To Buy Curious George Collectibles

For many years, Curious George has captured the hearts of readers all over the world. He has become one of the most beloved and easily recognizable characters in the history of children’s literature. Created by the husband and wife team of H.A. Rey and Margret Rey, these books were published in 1941 by Houghton Mifflin. For over sixty decades, both children and adults have cherished the Curious George books that illustrate the title character’s many adventures including Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop and Curious George Flies a Kite. These books have been translated into a variety of other languages such as French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and Swedish. A movie adaptation of the popular books has been released in 2006 that features the infamous and most beloved inquisitive monkey himself.

There is a host of Curious George merchandise available in stores that sell toys and collectibles, as well as in various online shops. Visit the following websites to purchase a Curious George collectible of your own:

  1.  – For a wide array of Curious George merchandise, head on over to It is an online store that sells collectibles, gifts, and a bunch of other products that are related to the beloved title character of the popular books. There are T-shirts, lunch boxes, backpacks, and even car accessories. It has a wide selection of toys and collectibles such as the Curious George blank journal, stationery set, a pinball game, a memo board, a wall calendar, a watercolor set, and even a Curious George air freshener. These products are available at affordable prices.
  2. – This is a website that offers miscellaneous Curious George collectibles that are hard to find. It is an online store that sells both used and new items in relatively fair prices. Among the many wonderful collectibles in this website are Curious George plush dolls, Curious George beanbag plush, a plastic Curious George hand-held maze game, hats and booties for infants, and a bunch of activity books.
  3. – Parents and children would be thrilled to find their beloved character immortalized in toys and shirts and other Curious George merchandise that are available in this website. Aside from a variety of toys and books, there are also party supplies such as plates and party hats. There are T-shirts and other items of clothing, bedding and accessories, and even greeting cards and stationery.

Get updates for limited edition items in stores that sell toys and a variety of collectibles. Aside from frequenting toy stores and online shops, you can check out auctions for various collectibles that are hard to find. Also, try to check out garage sales for incredible merchandise at affordable prices. The books have sold over 25 million copies and the original Curious George story has never been out of print since its first release. Curious George has been entertaining and capturing the hearts of both young and old alike and by acquiring Curious George merchandise, the inquisitive and lovable monkey is immortalized.


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