How To Buy LEGO Wheels Separate from the Set

For many Lego hobbyists, shopping for parts such as the Lego wheels can be such a thrill ride. As the wheels come in different designs and models, the choices are varied and plenty. Lego wheels that come separate from the set are like accessories you can use to dress up your car. You can pick them out and take apart or change it to look better. Choosing the design and size of the wheel is a matter of preference. But of course, before you consider purchasing one, you must have a basic idea of what you want and for how much money you are willing to spend on this.

Below is a guide to help you buy Lego wheels that do not come with the set:

Go with used tires. The cheapest ones are most likely found in garage sales and flea markets. Parents with kids who have outgrown their toys, may have the "spare parts" you need. You could buy the whole set, which also comes out cheaper in the long run, since it is second hand. Or you could negotiate to buy just the wheels if it's not already detached from its original parts. You can look into your local community, the newspaper or Craigslist for garage sales and flea market listings.

Go with online shopping. If you would like to shop online, where it's probably more convenient, you can check out these second hand stores for the parts: 

  • Toy Brick Brigade - the store has some of the widest collections of hard to find Lego parts and accessories
  • Brick Link - this is a community where you can swap with other collectors. Depending on your arrangement, you may not need to have some cash out. Some may just need other parts from you in exchange for the Lego wheels you would like to get from them.
  • Spareblocks - the store is similar to Toy Brick Brigade in that they have some used and hard to find items in their collection.
  • You can also check with the Lego Message Boards for other recommendations from fellow collectors all over the world.

Go with tires on sale. Check out toy stores in your area. The best time to shop would be when these stores are having their sales and promotions. You could be in luck and buy a set for 50% off, or buy just the wheel accessory for a much cheaper price. You can also check out toy stores online, as they usually also hold sales together with brick and mortar stores, especially when it's the sale season (usually happening at season's end).

Go with the original and brand new. If you still haven't found the Lego wheels you like or if you would want to add more into your collection, you could visit the actual Legoland store. For sure, the store would have the most comprehensive and largest collection of spare parts you need. There is one big store in California and two more in Europe (London or Germany).


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