How To Buy Music

When you go into a music store to buy an album, you don't really know what you are buying until you get into your car, pop in the cd player and listen to the whole thing. You may like it or you may not. Buying music doesn't have to be that complicated or disappointing. I prefer buying music online.

When you buy your music online you get to hear a sample of the song and you don't have to buy the whole album, just the songs you like. There are also different sites you can go to purchase your music. For this article, we will use iTunes as the example.

First, you will need to go to and download iTunes by clicking on the big button that says iTunes 9. Don't worry it's free to download it; I was a bit skeptical at first too. Once you click that button it will take to another page that says "Download Now" just in case you pushed the button by accident. Click download now. A pop-up box will ask you if want to run or save the program, make your selection (I always choose run) and follow the instructions. It might take a while, depending on how fast your computer is. After you have downloaded the program and registered, you are ready to buy your music.

The next step would be to enter the iTunes store. On the left side you will see a little green shopping bag with the words iTunes store, click it to enter the store. Now click on the tab on top of the page that says music or just type in what song, artist, or album you're looking for in the search field.

After your music selection has pulled up you can browse the different songs and albums. You can even preview the song before you buy it. Just run the mouse arrow over the number and it'll turn into a play button then click it. You get a 30 second preview.

When you are satisfied with song or album you selected click on the Buy Song or Buy Album button to purchase the song or album. A pop up window will ask you for your password and another will ask you for billing information. After all that is verified your song or album will start to download. After it's finished you can put it in your mp3.

Congratulations you have just purchased music! Enjoy!


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