How To Buy Noro Yarn

Noro yarn is some of the finest hand-knitting yarn in the world. It's unusually soft, the color blendings are unique and vibrant, and it's always hand-dyed an in high demand with discerning knitters. Made in Japan, the yarn is popular worldwide, so luckily it's easy to find no matter where you live.

The first place to find Noro yarns is your local yarn shop (LYS). Since Noro yarns are so well-known and respected, most LYS will carry at least some of this yarn. Expect to pay premium prices for these yarns, because they are crafted by hand, and contain natural ingredients instead of manmade, so they tend to me more expensive than cheaper acrylic yarns.

Another place to buy Noro yarn is online. Many online retailers stock a wide variety of Noro yarns in various weights and colors. You can find everything from sock yarn to bulky yarn, and the colors are simply spectacular. Many Noro yarns include at least some silk; this gives them extra sheen and drape.  Regardless of composition, all Noro yarns combine color blending that is simply spectacular.

When you buy Noro yarn online, be sure to shop around for the best prices. Many online retailers offer discounts or free shipping on larger orders, and some offer Noro yarn on sale at different times of the year. Searching for sale prices can cut the cost of this yarn, especially if you're going to make a bigger project, like a sweater, with the yarn. Some retailers offer you discounts for registering with them, too, so be sure to check out special offers before you spend your hard-earned money.

Check out auctions on eBay and other auction sites, like, too. You may find closeout bargains there which allow you to pick up some Noro yarn at decent prices, so you can see if you like working with this yarn. Noro comes in several different blends of yarn, too, from cotton to cashmere, so you can save by buying a cotton blend to begin with, and making a smaller item, like a hat or scarf, to test out this beautiful yarn.

Once you buy your yarn, what can you do with it? Noro offers many different patterns and pattern books that use their yarns, so you can get creative ideas online, at the library, or in your local bookstore. Be sure to choose a pattern that highlights the beauty and drape of these special yarns, and you'll create more than a handmade garment - you'll create your very own work of art! 


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