How To Buy Plastic Model Kits and Accessories

Model making is a hobby that continues to captivate both adults and young kids, especially males. They love building things and working their hands to come up with something—even plastic replicas of Boeing 747s, Mustangs, and F-1 Formula racers. If you want to get started with this hobby, read on to find out how you can buy plastic model kits and accessories.

  1. Gather all the basic tools you need. To avoid buying a lot of extra tools and supplies that you already have, check around your house first for basic tools like screwdrivers, hammers, needle-nose pliers, tweezers, hobby knives, adhesives, rulers and a T-square. Make sure to keep them all organized preferably in a single container assigned for model assembling purposes. Only buy other tools that you need when you already have a specific project that requires them.
  2. Check the website of plastic model companies. Look up trusted American brand suppliers like Revell or MRC. You can also look up famous foreign brands like Academy, Airfix, Hasegawa, Italeri, Tamiya, etc. Their websites show all available products with photos, descriptions, and price quotes.
  3. Browse through the Internet and search for plastic model kit suppliers. Since this passion for building plastic models and replicas has also gone online, there are many plastic model kit suppliers doing business online. Suppliers like, Old Model Kits, Plastic-Models, eHobbies, eModels, and Mega Hobby are among the top choices. You can buy a whole set or kit, and also new and old parts or accessories. They have everything from model cars, aircraft, and trains to model ships, trucks, and motorcycles. For tips and helpful information on model kits and model making, go to
  4. Visit local hobby shops. If there’s a hobby or miniature shop near your neighborhood, it’s time to pay a visit. Local hobby shops also sell plastic model merchandise. They might have a stock of rare pieces, or anything that just might suit your interest.
  5. Choose your model or replica. When buying model and replica kits, start first with something that’s easy to make. See how you like it before moving on one at a time, to more complex models. Make sure to choose models that are of your interest.
  6. Join local model hobby clubs. Hobbyists and model enthusiasts of all ages can join these clubs where they can share tips, information, and even trade kits, tools, and materials. When you join, you might even meet model suppliers, shop owners, or collectors. 
  7. Sign up for a model hobbyist mailing list or subscribe to a magazine. Keep updated on the hobby and all the new model kits, accessories, tools, and techniques. You can buy back issues of model hobby magazines, or purchase a subscription instead. Also check for websites, magazines, clubs, or suppliers offering mailing lists.

Model making is a serious and creative hobby enjoyed by many. It’s never too late or too hard to get started on it too. You can just visit your local hobby store, buy from an online supplier, or trade with a collector and fellow enthusiast. Make sure you have all the proper tools and space to work on your projects.


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