How To Buy Pool Table Supplies

Do you love to play pool? For a person who loves pool, a stylish and customized pool table is a prized possession. Having a pool table offers great recreation for family and friends. Pool tables, sometimes called pocket billiards, is particularly good for games such as nine-ball, eight-ball, one-pocket, and straight pool. These games provide long hours of fun and enjoyment. In buying pool table supplies, consider your budget first and your existing pool table. Does it need to be more stylish or is function your concern? Here are some guidelines before planning to buy pool table supplies.

  1. Pool table felt is usually green, but today there are varieties of colors to choose from, such as yellow, purple, lime green or even black, depending on your personal taste. Before buying, measure the size of the pool table. Choose a pool table felt that is thick and dense. It can be expensive, but the quality of the felt will help make the ball travel more smoothly, and accurately, compared to a low quality felt.
  2. For the pool table balls, there are a variety of balls that have different sizes. It depends on what particular game you would like to play. The most common game is the 16-ball game. It consists of seven striped balls, seven solid balls, the black 8-ball, and one white ball that is the cue ball. A snooker game consists of 22 balls that are much smaller, has 15 red balls, 6 different colored balls, and one white cue ball.
  3. There are two types of cue sticks. The first type is the common cue that is intended for public use such as at a bar—it is called a single cue. The other type is for the serious and professional players—they use the double cue type, which consists of the butt, and the shaft. It is necessary to buy cue racks, and cue cases to properly organize and protect your cue sticks. High quality cue sticks are usually in the double cue style and are made of maple wood, the tip is made of leather, and the butt is covered by linen to help absorb moisture. The single cue type, which is much cheaper, is usually made of plastic or graphite, and the butt is not covered with any fabric or linen.
  4. Pool cue chalk is one of the most important things to buy among the necessary pool table supplies. Cue chalk is used to help control the spin of the ball more easily by creating more friction between the cue sticks and the ball. Cue chalk is not literally made of chalk, but it is made of fine abrasives.
  5. Ball racks are made of either plastic or wood. The wood is more costly but lasts longer. There are triangle and diamond-shaped ball racks.
  6. Pool table lights are usually placed above the table. Lighting is necessary for proper visibility. Lamps are used even in the day time.
  7. A pool table cover is helpful to maintain the beauty of the table and to prevent liquid spill stains. It helps take care of your investment.

There are even glow-in-the-dark accessories for more fun, and signs and other designs for the walls.


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