How To Buy Scrapbook Supplies

Scrapbooking has become extremely popular in the last 10 years or so.  Not only is it fun, but it serves a very practical purpose--archiving family pictures in a beautiful way for generations to enjoy.

To pursue this hobby, one needs a good array of scrapbooking supplies.  If you are new to this hobby, don't be thrown by the multitude of materials available.  Check out some local scrapbooking stores to see what they have, or buy scrapbooking supplies online. But first, know what you need.

I would suggest that you begin with buying these basic scrapbooking supplies:

A scrapbook

These come in various sizes, usually with removable pages that can also be purchased separately.  Colors also vary.  Make sure that the pages are acid-free.

Page protectors

These are plastic, acid-free sheets that you slide over your completed photo pages.

Paper cutter/trimmer

Allows you to cleanly and accurately cut your photos or the paper you are using to enhance your photos.

Assorted plain and decorative paper

This should be acid-free, to protect your photos and embellishments and to reduce fading.

Corner punch

This cuts your photo corners or paper in a decorative way.

Adhesive photo dots or strips

These should be acid-free and are used to hold photos to scrapbook pages.

Colored ink pens

These are used for writing narratives and captions that describe your photos.

The items above are basic scrapbook supplies, but when you are visiting your favorite craft store or online shop, it's a good idea to also keep the following items in mind, as they are nice to have:

Circle cutter

You can cut your photos into perfect circles with this tool.

Oval cutter

Some photos lend themselves perfectly to an oval shape, and this tool will help you cut the photos into perfect ovals for a nice vintage look.

Special scissors

These cut your paper or photos so that the edges are scalloped, jagged, wavy, and so on.

Idea books and manuals

When you go to purchase scrapbooking supplies, there is no end to the number of idea books that you can buy.  These show various layouts for photos and other memorabilia that you wish to preserve.  Some of the books have a seasonal theme.  For example, you can find books with Christmas and Halloween layouts.  Some may emphasize certain themes like graduations, grand parenting, new baby, summer vacation, and the like.  These books can be extremely helpful in giving you new ideas and adding some variety to your scrapbooking.  I have found that without occasionally using one of these books, my pages all look too similar.

There are many other scrapbooking supplies that you can buy to enhance your work, but my advice is to start with the basics and gradually build your collection.


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