How To Buy Stamps on the Internet

In these days and times, people are busy and on the go. The last thing anyone wants to do is stand in long lines to buy stamps. Forget wasting your gas and leaving the comforts of your home. Learn how to buy stamps on the internet!

It is very simple to buy stamps on the internet. All you need is your computer and a credit or debit card. You will first want to go to the United States Postal Service website. Look for the link that says "Buy stamps and shop". Realize that there are several types of stamps to choose from. There are stamps for collecting, stamps for fun, traditional first class stamps and so much more. You can also choose books of stamps, coils of stamps, stamp dispensers, and more.

Once you see what you the items you would like to order, just press the "buy" button. It will then take you to a page where you can add the quantity of stamps you would like to buy and also give you a subtotal. If you would like to purchase additional stamps, click on the link "store home". You can continue shopping for as many items as you need and the order page will keep a tally of your order and total.

Once you have ordered the stamps you need, press the "checkout" button. You will need to insert your billing and shipping information as well as your credit card information. You will once again be presented with your total and if you agree to the total, press "ok". All orders processed online are sent via Priority Mail for $1.00. The delivery time for your stamps usually takes about five to seven business days.

If you are looking to buy collector's stamps, it is a simple process as well. Again, the United States Postal Service sells them but you can also order them but places like Ebay are becoming very popular to buy from. There are certain rules of conduct that should be taken by the buyer and seller. After reading the rules from the seller and accepting those terms, you will be directed to a page where you will fill out your information. Be aware that Ebay uses PayPal as their primary payment source. If you don't have a PayPal account, simply go to their website and register for an account. It takes about five to ten minutes to set an account up. After you have submitted your PayPal info to Ebay, they will let the seller know that you have made payment. Delivery time will vary when buying from Ebay. The seller will usually state delivery times in their ad.

Again, it is pretty easy to buy stamps on the internet. Once you see how easy and convenient it really is, you may never want to run out and buy stamps again!


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