How To Buy the Buffalo Gold Coin

A fairly new addition to the field of gold coin collection, the Buffalo gold coin has the distinction of being the only coin publicly released by the US Mint that is pure 24-karat gold. Whether as a prized piece in your coin collecting hobby or a worthwhile gold investment, acquiring the Buffalo gold coin can be an exhilarating experience.

Here are some ways to buy the Buffalo gold coin:

  • Research on the Buffalo gold coin. Understanding the design and history of this gold coin will help you determine aspects that will help verify its authenticity as well as let you appreciate it for more than its gold content. Find out through various online sources the basis of the illustrations marked on it as well as the reason for the US Mint to issue it. Research on coin collecting in general will also help you master the terminology and culture when dealing with dealers and other collectors.
  • Purchase it from the US Mint. You can call the US Mint at West Point and order your own Buffalo gold coin at a fixed price. They also provide a higher-priced proof variant of this coin, which refers to a special minting procedure that forms very detailed markings on the surface (the proof coin has a “W” near the neck of the Indian portrait). Due to the increased demand for gold products in recent years, the US Mint has suspended sales of certain gold coins. Call their toll-free number at 1-800-USA-MINT begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 1-800-USA-MINT end_of_the_skype_highlighting for questions about availability and ordering information. Because it is considered legal tender, the Buffalo gold coin can also be purchased via the Federal Reserve System.
  • Look for National Dealers. These dealers are registered with the US Mint; you can check their website for a listing of dealers in your vicinity.
  • Ask coin dealers to order for you. Local dealers have connections with the US Mint and other coin suppliers and will process your request for a fee. Many respectable coin dealers are listed in the American Numismatics Association website based on their track records. You can even ask questions to the dealer about their level of experience and the size of their coin network. Be aware that there is a coin buyer’s etiquette that applies when you enter a coin dealer’s store, such as careful handling of the coins and cautious approach of the display cases.
  • Search through Ebay. Online coin sellers and hobbyists may have the Buffalo gold coin for auction or fixed price. Read through the feedback comments to determine the reputation of the seller, and look for telltale signs that the seller is less than reputable. You can also search for other online sources such as then compare prices.
  • Insist on a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate states details about the coin and verifies its genuine status. A last recourse is bringing the coin to an authentication service which will verify the coin for a fee and may even provide an official certificate for it.

The Buffalo gold coin may be difficult to obtain due to its scarcity and great demand, but with a little luck and a lot of patience, you may find your very own treasure to keep. Locating the proof version is an even bigger find.

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