How To Buy Tickets for the Jewish Lifestyle Show

It has been 10 years since the Jewish Lifestyle Show premiered in a little town called Sunrise. It became an instant hit and it’s not even a television show. Since then, it has drawn hundreds of enthusiasts and fans prompting it to move into a cavernous convention hall at the Embassy Suites in Boca Raton, Florida. This was done to accommodate the ever-growing crowd trooping annually to the show.

Buying tickets to the Jewish Lifestyle show only takes three things:

First, you have to be aware of this annual event.

Second, you have to travel to Boca Raton, Florida where it takes place.

Third, at the entrance to the venue at the Embassy Suites, you simply have to buy a ticket for $3.00 to get in. Children 16 years and below get a free pass.

The Jewish Lifestyle Show is a showcase of the best Jewish custom has to offer. These include:

  • Wedding Invitations, Gowns, Flowers, and Cake Decorations
  • Wedding Shows
  • Kosher Food Styling and Recipes
  • Kosher Food Tasting and Kosher Food Catering
  • Candy and Chocolate Makers
  • Bakers
  • Bar Mitzvah Planning
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday Parties
  • Event Planners, Corporate Functions, and Conferences
  • Theme Party Planning
  • Balloon Suppliers
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Designers and Makers of Clothes for the Bride, Groom, and Entourage
  • Venue Decorators
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Party Hosts
  • Artists
  • Theme Florists
  • Suppliers of Video Games
  • Travel Agencies and Vacation Cruises
  • Travel Agents who book trips to Israel

Everything that is Jewish and all that has to do with Jewish customs and traditions are in the Jewish Lifestyle Show. This year, the Jewish Lifestyle Show happens on the 24th of January at the same venue, the Embassy Suites Boca Raton. Doors open at 11:00 am, after which you will have all the time to mingle and check all the goings-on until 3:00 pm. For more information about this very special event, you can visit

The Jewish Lifestyle Show also welcomes sponsors and vendors to the event. This year’s sponsors include Jewish Bride, The Embassy Suites, The Jewish Journal, and Winn Dixie. If you wish to be a sponsor this year and each year hereafter, you get advertising benefits like inclusion in newspaper and radio announcements, newsletters, and flyers for distribution in the South Florida area. On the other hand, if you want to become a vendor, you may reach the organizers of the Jewish Lifestyle Show at this email address: [email protected]  or through this number: Tel: (954) 721-5660.

This year’s event promises an exciting array of suppliers and vendors as well as entertaining shows, free food tasting, free samples, and a network of Jewish communities that you can get to know and make friends with.

Maybe your remaining question would be if you have to be Jewish to participate. The answer is a resounding “No.” Although this event was organized by a Jewish lady for the Jewish community, this event in no way shuns non-Jewish people. It’s actually also a venue for inviting all people from all cultures and beliefs to come together to celebrate the Jewish lifestyle.


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