How To Buy Toy Store Inventory

There are literally thousands of toys being designed, built, fitted, and churned out every second. Even if there are a gazillion people on the planet, it would be nearly impossible for all these toys to be sold. What’s more, some of these toys don’t actually pass quality assurance so what’s left is called a toy inventory – toys that have been left displayed on the shelves, passed over for being out of season, sorted and set aside for slight defects, and carted out for storage in warehouses. This may look like a sorry situation if you think about it but this is a good thing, really. This poses the perfect opportunity for you to buy toys at affordable prices.

To buy toy store inventory:

  1. Go straight to the toy manufacturer, importer, distributor, or supplier. Look up the manufacturer’s website, for example and send them an email asking about what they have on their inventory list. You can also make inquiries if they hold open house sale events, when, where, and what time so you can shop for toys.
  2. If you read newspapers on a daily basis, you can scour the ads for any announcements or invitation to buy toy store inventory. Give the advertiser a call to make further inquiries.
  3. The Internet is a good source of suppliers for toy store inventory. Go surf the Internet and narrow down your choices for those who have “Best Buy” offers. However, before you even initialize contact, please check the Better Business Bureau for legitimacy. There are many fly-by-night brokers hawking toy store inventory. These people claim to give you the goods then disappear into thin air once payment is made. Always think “Better safe then sorry, check the Better Business Bureau.”
  4. Make sure you are clear about the number of toys you want to buy. Toy store inventories are packaged in sets or groups, something that you might mistakenly overlook.
  5. Following item #4 be specific about the kind of toy you want to buy.
  6. If you choose to buy from a buyer’s website, leave a message on his website page and join the forum where ideas and feedback are bounced around visible for everyone to see and read. Refrain from leaving a private message. Be brief when writing a message by simply including your name and email as your initial information. You can progress into your mailing address or contact details if you feel comfortable dealing with the seller in question.
  7. If you choose to deal with a supplier from overseas most likely from Southeast Asia, request for them to contact you through phone, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or any of the social media you prefer. Just choose whichever is most accessible for you and the supplier.
  8. If you think a professional buyer can haggle better than you, go on and hire that person. This is a smart move if this is a long-term project for you.
  9. The Craft&Hobby Association (CHA) and the Toy Industry Association (TIA) are two associations you can follow on Twitter, on Facebook, and on You Tube for updates on their yearly toy fair activities. In July 2010, these associations will co-produce a toy fair in Chicago, Illinois. You might want to get reservations this early to join. 

Hope these suggestions will get you off to a good start and will lead you to a playground filled with amazing toy finds at discounted prices.


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