How To Buy Travel Literature as a Gift

Traveling is not just about fun and adventure, it’s an education in itself. Separate from the four walls of a university, this is the next best thing that can broaden your mind and expand your horizons. The people, culture, food, and the landscape are just some of the experiences you can soak in and store in your memory long after the date has faded on your plane ticket.

Share that experience with someone who is planning to travel by buying travel literature as a gift.

Here’s how:

  1. Ask her where she plans to travel and what she hopes to get out of the experience. From there, you can make a list of the kind of travel literature to give her as a traveling companion - coffee table book, map, food and wine, hotels/resorts, beaches, art&culture, countryside, sports and recreations - The list goes on but this is really important to know so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. One thing to keep in mind is that there are many travel literature on sale but some may already be outdated so pick the latest literature to make traveling easier.
  2. Determine the reason and motivation for the travel. Your friend might be traveling because of a special occasion or something she does as an annual thing in time for her scheduled vacation. Anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, or catching up on much-needed R&R are examples for instance. These reasons merit thorough and thoughtful thinking, not to mention a re-adjustment of your budget depending on the import and impact of the travel. For example, if she’s traveling with her husband to celebrate an anniversary, travel literature on highly-rated bed & breakfast inns could be just the perfect gift.
  3. Take her personality into account when choosing a gift. Is she into outdoor or indoor adventure? Does she like art? Is she all about discovering gourmet recipes and fine wine? A collector, perhaps? Does she like to commune with nature? Her personality will help you find that missing piece of the puzzle if you’ve no clue what to get her.
  4. When in doubt, consider buying her a gift certificate. Yes, this will basically rob you of seeing her squeal with glee over an awesome traveling gift but then you will have given her the absolute and unbridled freedom of buying what she wants without worrying about the cost.
  5. Ask her friends or parents for gift suggestions. Their inputs will be very helpful to you when its time to go out and buy travel literature.
  6. Ask her to list down her Top 10 Dream Destinations but don’t tell her why. This will get her all worked up and will set the stage for anticipation and excitement.
  7. Go to the bookstore but not any commercial bookstore if there are other retail venues that you can go into. It’s best to find hole-in-the-wall specialty stores that carry special and one-of-a-kind travel literature.
  8. Also very important for her to receive as a gift before she heads out of the country is an audio-book or a dictionary of the local language of the country she’s going to. There’s nothing more difficult than language barrier when traveling.

Finally, when you want to give her a bonus gift, there’s always the language of money just in case she gets short of cash. 


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