How To Buy Virtual Webkinz Items

Since April 2005, Webkinz stuffed toy animals have caught the attention of, delighted and provided countless hours of enjoyment to countless children. What sets these cute toys apart is that each one comes with an 8-character secret code. This secret code is used so that the owner of the stuffed toy can log-in to the Webkinz website, create an account, register the toy and adopt a virtual version of the toy the child owns. The child can then play with the virtual toy, feed it, bathe and clothe it and provide it with a place to live complete, add some furniture and virtually build other rooms and play areas.

In the virtual play area, you as the owner earn and use Kinzcash to buy everything that your virtual pet needs to keep it happy, healthy and safe. Kinzcash is earned by buying new toys and adopting new pets, providing answers to questions about general knowledge, playing online games, completing mini tasks and other daily activities. These Kinzcash is continually added to your account. It can be compared to an adult working and receiving a salary, then doing the budgeting as well as managing the house and kids.

When a virtual pet has been adopted, you can continuously play and care for it for a period of one year. The account will expire when the year is over unless you buy another toy, adopts its virtual counterpart and add it to your account. That secret code is very important care must be observed that it does not get misplaced or lost before an “adoption” has been made because that cannot be replaced.

A new virtual pet owner will be given some items and Kinzcash to help start them off. A room, a food item that can be a special food for the Webkinz pet, two pieces of furniture, 2,000 Kinzcash and a welcome balloon awaits a new pet owner.

When you want to buy new items for your Webkinz pet, here is what you need to do.

  1. Log in to your account in the Webkinz website and type in your user name and password.
  2. Navigate to the W Shop by clicking the ‘Things to Do” button.
  3. Like any ecommerce website, you first select the items that you want to buy. Look at each item category and make your selection. Buy the essential items that your pet needs like medicine, food, clothes. Choose also some items that your pet can play with to keep it happy. If you have a lot of Kinzcash, you can get your pet additional pieces of furniture; maybe build an additional room or another play area outdoors.
  4. Mark each of your selection and click ‘Add to Cart’.
  5. You will be taken to the ‘Check Out’ page where you can see all the items that you have selected. Here you can make your final selection. Review the list and add or remove items from the list.
  6. When you have made your final selection, then click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  7. Go to your pet’s page and confirm that the items you have recently bought are included under each category in your menu. You can now use these items by clicking on the item, dragging and dropping them inside your pet’s virtual room. You can rearrange the layout of the room to make some space for the new furniture.

The amount of Kinzcash that you earn is dependent on how active you are in participating in Quizzy’s World and playing in the Arcade. Save some by checking out sale items. Earn more by participating in the numerous daily activities as well as joining in weekly contests.


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