How To Buy Wholesale Art Supplies

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So you’re planning to start an art supplies retail craft store.  You may want to take some art classes online to get a good feel for what materials today's students and artists are using.  After evaluating the demand for art supplies and studying the market, you are now ready to take the plunge.

Of course, the first big step you can do right now for your future art shop is looking for possible suppliers. That is why you need to know how to buy a whole range of wholesale paint supplies such as acrylic paint and oil paint. This will guide you through purchasing cheaper art supplies.

Fortunately, you are given a lot of choices online for wholesale items. You may be living in Seattle but you can still get connected with the best wholesale stores from all over the world, just like Michaels. But then, you still need to know the process of wholesale buying from these different online stores.

  1. Find some prospective wholesalers. Work with your family or friends in finding wholesale art supply sources. It is always better to deal with someone known by a person close to you. If none of them can help you, then it’s time to use third-party sources like the yellow pages or newspaper classified ads. You can also hit the search button of top search engines when looking for prospect suppliers.
  2. Determine your requirement from the potential wholesaler. Do they have the items you are planning to buy? What is their required minimum order quantity? How much is their offer for bulk orders? How stable is their business? What about their reputation in the market? Just list everything that seems important to you when looking for a possible supplier. You’ll need that when comparing your options.
  3. Compare the different wholesale art supply stores. Refer to your determined requirement from the potential wholesaler. The one that can satisfy your requirements is probably the best supplier you can have.
  4. Call potential suppliers for some questions. Although most of the information can already be found on their website or portfolio, it is still important to call them. Who knows, they might have changed some of their wholesale policies.
  5. Negotiate to get the best art supply deals. Business A has more than your needed supplies but business B offers more discounts. You can ask business A if they can lower down their wholesale prices. Give them an offer also such as being the exclusive distributor for your store.
  6. Buying the first batch of art supplies. After you have chosen the supplier, it’s now time to buy art supplies. You may try the market first before you get many supplies in your first month. This can be more expensive but at least you can test if the market will like certain supplies or not. Anyway, ordering supplies is easy and fast after your first transaction.

Another important tip when buying wholesale: get supplies from the manufacturers if you can. If wholesalers like Michaels can give you cheaper prices, the manufacturers can give you even better deals and far cheaper prices. However, manufacturers require a large minimum order quantity. Maybe doing this is best if you will be getting really big orders from clients; you can learn some great ways to attract clients by taking some online classes in the business of art.


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