How To Buy Wood Model Kits and Replicas

Wood model kits and replicas are popular with hobbyists and collectors. Most of these kits are for model airplanes and ships. They can come in small versions but some are quite big and will take time to assemble. You get the satisfaction of actually building the scaled version of a plane or ship, using and learning the parts that are actually used in building them. Some are just static models while some can be equipped with motors so you can operate them.

Here are some buying tips:

  • Wooden ships come with either hulls that you build while others have hulls that have been pre-shaped. Some hulls are made from fiberglass or plastic, especially those that will be fitted with a motor or any device to make it move.
  • Metal cast fittings are included in most wood model kits.
  • Die-cut wood covered with thin balsa wood are used for wooden model airplanes. This is used for both the models that you can operate or display.
  • Plastic detail pieces may be included in some wooden airplane model kits.
  • Detailed instructions and parts assembly should be included in the kit. There should also an image of the assembled model for your reference. Instructions should be easy to understand. Read it and see if you can easily follow all the steps that are given.
  • Check that the blueprint is drawn to scale in measurements that you can easily understand. Same goes for drawings and illustrations.
  • Check also the list of parts that are included in the model kit and make sure all of them are included in the box. Ensure that the other parts, aside from the wood are cleanly done and are of good quality.
  • Check what tools, adhesives and paint are needed for the model.
  • If you are a beginner, choose a design that will be easier to assemble before you move on to more intricate and elaborate models. Start with something that you really like and have the patience to build.
  • Check the quality of the wood pieces. These should be smooth and well sanded. Some wooden model kit makers use laser for precision cutting.
  • Read reviews of models and makers online so you have a fairly good idea of what types of wooden model kits you can look for.  Even if the kit is labeled Beginner you may find that it can be something that is difficult to work with.
  • Visit Hobby Place. You can find beginner models for airplanes here. For model ships, try to visit Historic Ships. This company specializes in wooden ship model kits. The online store carries several brands of model kits for children to advanced modelers.

It is always important that you do some research first before you buy a model kit. These scale models take time to assemble. Get all the information you need. Browse hobby shops and compare prices. And enjoy building a ship or an airplane from scratch.


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