How To Cancel a Phantasy Star Universe Subscription

Life in the fast lane sure has been made easy by some really inspired thinking by resourceful and creative minds. From the creation of instant noodles, which has made preparing meals a breeze, to automated teller machines, which has made queuing in banks a thing of the past, to cellular phones and e-mails that have made communication faster and more efficient, practically everything is made instant, handy and convenient.

One of these innovative inventions to ease the stress of our daily lives is the automatic subscription. From subscriptions to your favorite magazines made automatic so you no longer have to call the following year to renew your order, to banks offering instantaneous balance transfers once your other accounts run out of funds, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your automatic subscription do the work for you.

Even the gaming community has gained from this practical invention. Gone are the days when one needs to buy cartridges and cartridges of games. Thanks to the Internet, automatic renewals of your subscription to a game of your choice can now be done online without much hassle.

However convenient this type of set up is, there are notable downsides that are sure to drive you out of your wits. What if you no longer wish to continue the subscription but unfortunately forgot to inform the product or service provider to cancel the renewals? You'd have to pay them anyway for something you didn't actually use. Situations like these are all too common nowadays.

The same predicament is faced by some subscribers of the video game Phantasy Star Universe. Thinking that the subscription won't continue once they stop logging onto the official Web site, they end up paying hefty sums for an online game they no longer play. Most of them just learn of it after they've seen their bank statements with charges for the PSU.

So comes the all-too-important question: How does one really cancel a Phantasy Star Universe subscription? Unfortunately, canceling isn't as easy as signing up online for it. You'll be made to jump through hoops, and jump you will unless you're willing to put up with the charges.

  • Those who want to cancel PSU for their Xbox or Xbox 360 have to call Microsoft's customer support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (469-9269). Have your personal details and your live Xbox ID (also known as the gamertag) details ready.
  • Those in the UK should call 0800-587-1102, or +44-20-7365-9792 from a cellular phone, or opt for the e-mail support by logging onto
  • Meanwhile, those with PSU subscription for their PlayStation 2 or personal computers have to access their SEGA online accounts on the Sega Web site using the e-mail address and password they've entered when they've signed up for the SEGA PASS.  

Bear in mind that cancellation doesn't take effect at once. You'd have to wait some time for your concern to be addressed. But at least, you can relax once the cancellation successfully goes through.


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