How To Care for Coach Handbags

Just a month ago, you were dying to get one of the Coach handbags sold at wholesale prices from your favorite online store. You just love the design of their designer bags, but you don't have enough money to buy one. Even a purse is out of your budget. You were even tempted to get replica handbags and just pretend to own an authentic or real one. But now, you finally have that Coach designer bag! Thanks to the sales at that online store.

You're so excited to tell your friends and carry your new bag everywhere--even in the airport with your luggage handbags. However, before you get overwhelmed by the feel, smell, and look of your new Coach handbag, read some necessary steps on how to take care of it. Of course, buying that authentic designer bag is a great investment, and you want that to last for years. Here are some ways you can prolong your Coach handbag's life:

  • Never ignore your bag and be aware where you put it. Carrying a Coach is really delightful. But never be so careless as to place it just anywhere. Remember, this leather bag is sensitive and expensive. Be aware also about the hooks and other handy items on your bag. You don't want to lose or damage these, do you?
  • Regularly clean the Coach bag at least once a month. Consider that your bag will carry a lot of dirt from the environment. The collected dirt should be removed from your bag immediately. Doing this should not be as often as everyday because it will tear the leather away. However, frequent cleaning will give prevent dirt from destroying your lovely bag. Cleaning a Coach bag is easy, anyway. You just need to use common baby wipes or special leather wipes. Lightly wipe off the dirt from the bag using any of these, but never use a wet cloth, as it destroys the bag. Now, if your Coach is made of leather and fabric, you need a special cleaning product for that. This requires special fabric cleaner you can buy from Coach. You can also buy a special cleaning solution for a leather Coach bag from its manufacturer.
  • Don't forget the bag's inside. Clean this part also using a simple dusting off. You may also use the vacuum's hose attachment to gently clean the bag's inside.
  • A dust bag is the best protection for your Coach bag. After cleaning your bag, be sure to protect it against more dust and dirt. Do this by storing it inside the dust bag or a pillowcase made of 100% cotton.
  • Lay your handbag flat when you put it on the shelf. Be careful not to stack anything on it, or else its leather and form will be ruined.

These "how to" care tips do not only apply for Coach handbags. You can also use these for Coach luggage handbags and purse leather. You can even use this to take care of Coach replica handbags.


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