How To Carve a Picture Frame

Have you ever wanted to try carving something out of wood? Carving is always a great exercise not only for your hands but also for your imagination, your patience in making your desired wood carving and your eye and hand coordination when you are whittling away a piece of wood for it to become the something that you envision it to be.

Below are the steps you need to go through to carve a nice picture frame made out of wood.

  1. You need to make a decision on what kind of wood carvings you want to make for your picture frame. If this is your first time in attempting this, you might want to start with a simpler design and not begin with the more complicated ones. Keep it simple.
  2. Buy the necessary and basic wood carving tools that you need. No fancy and expensive stuff is needed but just the very basic tools for wood carving a frame. Search the Internet for these tools or go to a wood carver’s shop. Keep it basic.
  3. Get to know your design really well. Study all the sides of your wood carving—all of its curves, spaces, lines and etc. Get intimate with your design and get to know it really better. You will be carving these designs on your wood so you should know it very well.
  4. Purchase or get the exact type of wood for your picture frame project. Greenwood is a good type of wood for making carvings for your picture frame. Choose a wood that is really pliable and one that will not splinter easily. Carve out the center because this is where you will be inserting your picture. If you are uncertain as to what type of wood to use, search online or go to a wood carver’s shop and then ask them for their recommendations regarding the matter. It’s always nice to get some experienced suggestions.
  5. Figure out what kind of carving strokes you will need as border pattern for your picture frame. Some of the more basic carving strokes would be thumb pushing, straightaway cutting and draw cutting. Once you have figured out what strokes you would need, practice on small pieces of wood for these strokes until you know that you have just got them right. Not much room for error here.
  6. Start cutting your pattern on your wooden frame and then trace lines using your carving blade. After you have finished with the tracing, start carving the design on your frame. Do it slowly. There is no need for you to rush it. You need a lot of patience for this project. Your pattern might need a combination of different carving strokes. Carve slowly and carefully because you won’t want to chip off too much else your frame design might not materialize.

After you’re done with the carving you will need to sand the cuts of your pattern so that they smoothen out. Apply some clear wood finish and show off your little work of art.


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