How To Cast a Candle Spell for Love

Candle spells are simple way to create a focus of positive energies with which you can achieve your desires. They are simple to perform, and their preparation requires things that you can easily buy from your nearest supermarket or mall. A little magic might just be what you need to attract that significant other into you life. Here’s how you can cast a candle spell for love.

  1. You will need the following things: a sheet of pink paper, a pink candle, lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang oils, and a small bowl. The candle may be of any size or shape, but simple ones are preferred. It is also better to get natural beeswax candles, instead of petroleum based ones. Prepare everything beforehand and set them up in a clean, quiet location in your house.
  2. Clear your mind of all the stress and worries of the day. You should be an open gate to positive energy. Close your eyes are breathe deeply and slowly, until you settle into a regular rhythm. Your mind should be free from interference. Calm breathing will help you internalize the natural energies into the candle spell. This will be the most important step: the law of attraction compels us to surround ourselves with positive vibes that attract love, prosperity and wealth. Harboring negative thoughts will only bring us bad luck in what we wish to achieve.
  3. Visualize your ideal partner. Don’t focus on physical appearance, but on the traits that you wish to attract. Be very specific and concentrate hard on what you really want. As these traits come to you, write them down on the pink paper. Once you’ve finished, concentrate on the qualities you’ve written. Your ideal mate should be one described by the paper you’re holding. Imagine yourself with this person – your mind should be able to see your life improving together.
  4. Gather the oils of lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang and gently rub them into the candle (rub more at the base, and not at the wick). Inhale deeply and use the scent to free your mind of any clutter and negativity. Do this over the pink paper that describes your future love. This is another important part of the spell: anointing your candles with fragrant oils gives it your energy and makes it a powerful beacon for attracting love.
  5. Place the paper into the small bowl, and light the candle above it. The wax should drip onto the pink paper. As the candle melts, your mind should focus on attracting your ideal mate. Imagine your life with this person and how you want to see the traits you’ve listed. Think deeply about the qualities you want your new love to have: the energy of your thought will harmonize with the universe and attract the people with your desired traits. It is best to start this on a Friday night when the moon is almost full: do this every night and wait for your ideal mate to arrive.

Candle spells work by allowing us to focus our thought in a positive direction. The universe responds in kind through the law of attraction: our energies will attract people we wish to attract, through their resonance with our thoughts. Be patient and persevere – your thoughts should be happy and content with the knowledge that your new love is also waiting to meet you.


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