How To Catalog Your Board Game and Card Game Collection

If you like to be organized, take the time to catalog your board game and card game collection. A quick written or typed list of your games will ensure that you know what games you own and what games you still have to buy. And a more detailed list will satisfy the avid gamer's need to stay on top of his game collection. Whatever your reason, here are a few options when it comes to cataloging your board game and card game collection.

Step 1

Prepare a spreadsheet. If you use Excel, this is the easiest way to catalog your game collection. It's Microsoft's spreadsheet program that easily allows you to create lists, manipulate information and keep track of just about any type of information. But if you would rather do a written summary of your board games and card games, that's fine too. Just remember that catalogs kept on your computer can be easily updated, whereas hard copies may need to be rewritten often. Create your spreadsheet by making a column for the game's title, information about the manufacturer, a brief description of the game as well as the date you purchased the game and the price you paid. (More avid game cataloguers may choose to have columns for the publisher's address, copyright dates, size of the box and the game board, patent information, a complete list of the game's contents, and any other additional information about the game.)

Step 2

Check out Another option for cataloguing your board game and card game collection is to use the free cataloguing tool found at You can manage your collection online and keep track of what games you play (and how often you play them). This website is also a great networking tool to stay in touch with other board game players. Join forums and discussions about your favorite games. You'll be surprised at how many people have the same passion you have for board games and card games.

Step 3

Download GameTracker software. You can also maintain a catalog for your board games and card games by using the GameTracker software. You should be able to find the program online and available for free download. Similar to the tracking processes mentioned above, you'll create a detailed list of all of your games that you can look at and edit whenever you have access to a computer. It's yet another avenue you can use to catalog your board game and card game collection.


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