How To Center a Drawing on the Page for a Button

Designing an image with even measurements all around for a button can be difficult if you can’t find a way to center your drawing on the page. Below are the steps and materials you need to help you find the center of your page.

1. Prepare materials for the drawing.

Decide on the type of paper you want to use for your button. You can basically draw on any type of drawing but you want to find one that can absorb the ink well on the paper. Some types of paper will cause the ink to bleed and spread out which could ruin your design. Most designs are made on regular paper that is used on your printer. They can contain the ink on the paper well making it cleaner and easier to use. If the type of design you want to put on the button requires you to use a different type of paper then check if the buttons you will make have thickness limitations for the paper you use. For sketching the drawing on the paper you can use a pencil. There are pencils with lighter shades so the guide lines you make won’t be too obvious when the design is done.  For the actual design you can use marking pens like the sharpie that is available in various colors, colored pencils, water color, or poster color. For outlines you can use sign pens with gel ink that transfer well on paper. There are different tip sizes so you can make finer outlines with the pen.
2. Find the center.

There are two ways to find the center of the paper to put your drawing on. One way is to take the top of the paper and bring it all the way down to the bottom until all the edges and corners meet. Make sure the corners meet exactly at the points and then fold the paper. Take the sides of the paper and do the same procedure bringing both sides together and then folding the paper. You will see where the folds cross at the middle and that is where the center of the paper is. Although this is a fairly easy way to find the center, it does leave fold marks on the paper. Another way is to use a ruler and a pencil. Place the ruler on the top left corner and then hold it across to the bottom right corner. Draw a line with your pencil across the two corners. Do the same procedure for the top right and bottom left corners so you will make an X mark on the page. You will find the center of the paper where the lines cross at the middle.

3. Make a guide box.

When you find the center of the page, the next step is to create a guide box for the drawing. From the center of the page use your ruler to measure a couple of inches along the pencil lines. Measure equal lengths and place a dot on the lines. Draw a line from one dot to the other forming a square. Erase all the other guide lines leaving the box on your page. You can now draw your design within the box.

Creating guide lines and a guide box will help you center your design on the page.


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