How To Change to a Different Color when Knitting

Knitting is a good hobby to have. You can create different types of clothing that you can give away as presents or create some items that you can wear yourself. For knitters who are just learning how to create something, they use only one color for the entire project, as this is easier to do. When you are good at knitting, you can learn how you can change to a different color in the middle of the project. This will improve the look of your project as you can use different colors and make different patterns with the different colors that you will use.

There are two types of color change that you can do. One is by doing this at the end row of your project. Here are the steps on how you can do this:

  1. End the first color. To change the color, you first have to end the first color. Tie a small knot on the yarn and cut it off. Make sure that you do not leave a long end tail to the end of the first color so that it will not be too obvious where you ended the first color. You can also leave the tail without a knot and just knit it in with the second color that you are going to use.
  2. Start the new color. If you have tied a knot to end the previous color, you can just simply start the new color and knit it on the end of the first row that you made. If you left a tail at the end, what you can do is to get the end of your new yarn and connect it with the tail of the old yarn by knitting them together. Continue this until you have a few knits of the new color.

These are the steps that you need to do if you want to change the yarn to a different color in the middle of a row:

  1. End the first color. End the first color but be sure to leave an allowance of at least four inches so that you can weave the two colors of yarn together.
  2. Connect the two colors. Get the new color of thread and connect the two colors together by intertwining them. Afterwards, you can start knitting the new color. Later on when you are done, do not forget to weave in the ends where you connected the two colors together.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow if you have to change the color of your yarn while you are knitting. You can read more about knitting and some of the techniques that you can use so that your projects can appear to be flawless. When you are using different colored yarns, it is best if you use the same size or weight for the yarns so that your garment will appear consistent. You do not want some parts of your project to be bulky and the other parts to be light.


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