How To Change Your Name in Counter-Strike

Sometimes game players in Counter-Strike feel the need to change their player name for various reasons. They either feel the initial name they chose doesn’t strike much fear in the hearts of their enemies or they just think of a better name. Some game players change their names often so they won’t be singled out by the enemy, especially if they are better at the game than all the other players. Follow the methods below to change your name during game play in Counter-Strike.

1. Use the game console

While playing Counter-Strike you can change your player name to another name of your choice. For example your player name is “Godfather” and you want to change it to another name like “Paton”, you can make the name changes on the game console.

The game console in Counter-Strike lets you enter commands that will enable you to control and change various aspects of the game. You don’t have to be the server administrator to accomplish this task and it will be your sole right to make these changes to your player name, unless the administrator feels the need to change it for you. The game console will also enable other players on a server limited control to change various aspects of his player’s properties like his name. You can access the game console by pressing the “~” or “`” on the computer keyboard. It is just one and the same key so you don’t need to press the Shift key simultaneously. You will find it on the top left most side of your keyboard just beneath the ESC key and above the Tab key.

2. Use command line in the game console

While the game is in progress you hit the “~” button on your keyboard and the game console is displayed. In the game console you type in the command line:  name Paton Then you can press enter. Your previous name “Godfather” will be changed to “Paton” when the next round begins in the game. 

3. Change name through Multiplayer tab

There is another way you can change your player name in Counter-Strike. You can access the Multiplayer tab and make the changes there. To get to the Multiplayer tab you press the “Esc” key on your computer keyboard and then you will get the Options menu. If you are unsure where the “Esc” key is, it is at the upper left corner on your keyboard. At the Options menu select the Multiplayer tab and then on the available field you can just type in the name you want your player name to be. Once you exit the Options menu the new player name you chose will replace the previous name.

Making these changes to your player name in Counter-Strike through these two methods will enable you to change your player name as often as you want. 


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