How To Charge the Battery on a Game Boy Micro

Nintendo is the pioneer in portable video gaming consoles. They started with their Nintendo Game&Watch line. Then they brought out their Game Boy line. Now their Nintendo DS line of handheld video games dominates the portable gaming scenes. The Game Boy Micro system is, as the name suggests, the smallest design of the Game Boy line of handheld consoles. It was also the last console to use the Game Boy brand. The Game Boy Micro features a battery life of 5-13 hours, depending on the settings used. When the batteries run out, it’s a simple task to charge them again.

Here are the steps to follow when charging the battery on a Game Boy Micro:

  1. Find the charger that came with the console. The charger should be located inside the box that the console came in. The Nintendo Company states that the ONLY AC charger to be used with the Game Boy Micro is the OXY-002 model.
  2. Set down the console and charger in a safe place. When charging your Game Boy Micro, you don’t want it near any liquids or in a place where it may be bumped or walked upon.
  3. Insert the small end of the OXY-002 AC charger to the slot reserved for it on the Game Boy Micro. The slot is located on the top of the console.
  4. Fold the charger’s prongs out until in snaps into place. The prongs for the charger are foldable, for storage purposes. Set the prong outward, readying it to be plugged into an outlet.
  5. Gently insert the prongs of the adapter end of the OXY-002 charger to a power outlet. The charger must be securely fastened, check both ends to see if the connection is stable.
  6. Check if the Game Boy Micro is charging properly. The Select and Start buttons of the console will illuminate if the Game Boy Micro is charging properly. If the battery is drained, allow a few seconds for an initial charge to light up the LEDs of the buttons. The buttons should light blue.
  7. Allow the battery of the Game Boy Micro to charge. The charging period of the battery should take 2 and a half to three hours. You’ll know that the battery is fully charged when the lights of the LED stop illuminating.
  8. Detach the OXY-002 AC charger from the console. The battery should be fully charged when its LED lights go dim.

These are the steps you need to follow when recharging your Nintendo Game Boy Micro. The lifespan of the Game Boy Micro battery is around several years. The charge capacity will remain at optimum levels for about 500 charges. After that number, the charge capacity of the battery will drop slightly with every use. When the battery doesn’t provide you with enough time to enjoy your games, it’s time to get a replacement. A replacement battery will cost about 14 dollars. But that time is a long way in coming with a new battery. Until then, charge your battery properly and game on!


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