How To Chat Using a Headset on Xbox 360 Live

One of the best features the Xbox 360 console has is the ability to chat during an Xbox Live multiplayer game. Cooperative games become more interesting as you can command your teammates in real time. With the Xbox 360 headset, gamers can establish communication with each other through the ear piece and microphone on the headset.

  1. Configure settings for communication. Before any communicating can be done with a headset you have to activate the communication settings on your console. On your Xbox 360 select the “My Xbox” to go to your profile. On your profile click the Edit Profile and then go to the Privacy Settings. At the Voice and Text option you can decide to enable this option with “Everyone” or with “Friends Only”.
  2. Headset set up. Take the end of your headset’s cable and plug it in to the port on the Xbox 360’s controller. To locate the port on your controller, hold the controller as you normally would and take a peek at the bottom, you’ll see the ports where you can connect your headset. Put the headset on your head and adjust the left and right ear pieces and then adjust the microphone near your mouth. A wireless headset is also available for the Xbox 360 so you won’t get tangled up on your headset’s cable as the game heats up. You just have to push the Connect button on the Xbox 360 and the on the wireless headset and you are good to go.
  3. Load a game. Load an Xbox LIVE game on your Xbox 360 and check if you can communicate with teammates. Check the Mute button on the cable connector which is on your headset’s cable and see if it isn’t activated. If the mute button is activated it won’t allow you to communicate through your headset. Adjust the volume level just enough so you can hear the other person chatting with you.
  4. Enable chat on your Xbox 360. On your controller, push the Xbox Guide button and then on your screen scroll down and select the Chat & IM option. You can enter your friend’s Gamertag to make the communication connection. Once the connection has been established you can start chatting with your friend. You can send an invite to one or several people with the Send Invite option. When your invitation is acknowledged you can start communicating. Invitations will expire after a period so if the invite isn’t acknowledged right away it will be canceled. A declined invitation will not be announced so it would just look like the invitation expired.

Being able to chat with a headset on the Xbox 360 Live games can spice up the game as teammates are able to develop strategies to defeat their opponents.


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