How To Chief Effectively in Travian

Travian is a virtual world where you can create an ancient village with thousands of other real players as neighbors. But these other players just don’t sit there. They can attack and conquer your village in the process called chiefing. This is why you have to be extra witty. Attack them and own their villages even before they think of attacking you.  Here’s how you can chief effectively.

  1. Train an administrator. To do this, you need your Academy to be in level 20 and Rally Point to be in level 5. This will enable you to research your administrator in the Academy. Have him trained in a level 10 Residence or Palace.
  2. Have a target village. Scout for a potential target. The target should not be too small; otherwise, you will conquer only a small population. But it should also not be too large because it might be too hard to defeat. For this reason, you might want to avoid chiefing a village kept by an active player because it is highly likely to be large. Generally, a village with 300 people can make a good target. The allowable target is the village that is not a player’s sole village and is not a capital. Once you have a potential target, spy and know how large the village’s army is. To help you in your future attacks, you can send fake attacks to villages near your potential target. This creates confusion and makes better openings for your real attacks.
  3. Attack by waves. You can attack at least in three waves. Your first wave of attackers should be the largest and is assigned to kill the target’s army of defenders. This is the cleaning attack. Then, send your second wave, which must consist of the Residence or Palace destroyers. The third wave is composed of the chiefs and some defenders as guards. If you prefer, you can also send some more chiefs after successfully conquering the village. Of course, send more defense troops, too. Chiefing should be done within seconds to prevent your chiefs from being killed. Keep in mind that there should not be more than one second gap between your attack waves.
  4. Avoid letting the target rebuild its Palace or Residence. Your target will always attempt to rebuild its Palace or Residence, so be on guard. To keep it from rebuilding, continue your attacks and send more armies until the enemy troops are weak in numbers. Then, rebuild the Palace or Residence yourself and all the other destroyed buildings to establish your footing.
  5. Develop loyalty. After invading your target village, start to build up loyalty. Do this by first decreasing the population’s loyalty to the first administrator and increasing the loyalty in your favor. When you build the Palace or Residence, the loyalty will automatically increase.

Remember not to send all your chiefs in one attack, because if your target village has come up with a good defense, you will end up having dead chiefs. Be very careful when planning an attack. It is best to meticulously plan and spy.


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