How To Choose a Console for Video Games

It started with Pong, a two dimensional tennis-like computer game from the 1970’s. Made on an Atari console, Pong was a commercial and critical success, jump-starting the video game industry. But it didn’t end there. In fact, it was where it all started. Thirty years later with a number of new, old, and odd contraptions, video games have become the rage among kids and kids at heart. However, there are quite a lot of consoles to choose from. Consoles are what play the video games themselves, and some games are actually quite restricted in them. However, a lot of video game consoles have their pros and cons.

Here are some things to consider in choosing a console for video games:

  1. Applications. The first thing you should look at in a console is the number of applications it can offer. Most consoles are actually quite flexible and have a variety of options. A Nintendo DSi, for example, has two 0.3mp cameras, one facing forward and one facing backward. The one facing forward is good for candid shots and group photos during travel and the one facing back – facing you – is used for other games. A game for the console is obviously another application. Does it have the type of games you want? If you want to play Halo, then you’re better off getting a console that’s compatible with it. Like the Xbox360. Or if you want to play Final Fantasy, then get a Playstation 3. It is suggested that you pick out games that you like before getting the console that you want. After all, what’s the point in getting a console with games that you don’t want?
  2. Accessories. Most console games have a ton of accessories. And the leader of this is the Wii. From the Power Glove to the Wii Controller Wallet and to the Nunchucks, the Wii has a lot of accessories for a lot of games. But that isn’t the only thing. Some accessories are actually needed to play a video game. There are some PSP games that require you to have a microphone to play. New games buy more accessories, but be careful, as some of the prices can reach up to $60 just for the accessories alone.
  3. Graphics and Sounds. Gone are the days of pixilated characters in a Game Boy. Images these days are crisp and clear and resemble real life characters. However, different video games have different specifications. First of all, do you want to play on a big screen like a television? Or are you better off with a computer monitor? A smaller screen perhaps? It is always best to choose the best way to play video games. Handheld consoles are great because they have earphones, but there’s always something great about surround sound in video gaming.
  4. Multiplayability. It’s always great to play with friends. Consoles offer as much as eight player games in a single console. A night out with your buddies? A good video game console can help with that. Also, current-generation consoles allow for online gaming so even if you’re alone at home, you’ll find a lot of friends online too.

It really isn’t that hard to choose a good console for video games as long as you know what you’re looking for, especially since most consoles are catered to fit your lifestyle. Good luck in choosing a video game console, as they update and upgrade their hardware and software often to be more competitive. 


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