How To Choose a Cookbook Publisher

Writing a cookbook can be painstaking work. It requires you to measure, test, and record your recipe. Getting your cookbook published is a major accomplishment. However, finding a publisher for your cookbook can be difficult, so here are some ways for you to get a publisher for you to show your recipes to the public. 

  • Research important contacts. You need to do some research to find a suitable publisher for your cookbook. You can look for publishers, editors and agents of cookbook writers by looking at the acknowledgments of other cookbooks. Seek out cookbooks with the same recipe theme as your own.

  • Approach publishers appropriately. Publishers take very few risks on books that they will publish. They will strictly stick to their own niche, often refusing to print cookbooks with a different recipe theme. Research publishers at your local library, in the writer's market section. This section contains information regarding the publisher's address, contact numbers, website, etc. Format your manuscript in the manner they want it to be presented. Send all your information to the contact person indicated. Call the contact person at the publishing house's contact number. If they are no longer with the company, then update the information in your contact files. Avoid sending them your book unless they ask you to.

  • Write to your editors formally. An editor will only buy a book that the house can make a profit on. They want to buy books that will provide them the most profit. This also applies to publishing houses. Your letter to the editor should indicate how much effort you are willing to put into marketing your book. Open the letter with a short line describing your cookbook. Then follow with the numerous ways you can market your book. This includes doing lecture tours, going to radio shows, holding cooking seminars, and promoting your books via the Internet. Your letter should generally summarize how they can profit from your cookbook. If they like what they see, send them a sample of your book or the book itself. Send it directly to the editors by writing "as requested" outside of the package. If they refuse to look at your manuscript because you don't have an agent, then find an agent for your book.

  • Learn to approach agents. Agents get about ten to fifteen percent of the book's sales. Agents only look for writers who can make them money. Agent information is also included in the writer's market section of the library. You should get the agent's address, phone number and fax number. Afterwards, you need to write a letter convincing the agent that they can profit from you and your books. The letter you send them is similar to the letter to the editor that you may have written. If you get the proper agent, you can get your book to a certain editor and publisher, which can get your book published.


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