Choosing Dance Floors: Portable or Permanent Dance Floor

From a Vinyl Dance Floor to a Disco Party LED Dance Floor—Find the One for You

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Dance floors have come a long way since the decade of disco dancing. Today, there are a multitude of dance flooring ideas and options available in the market. They are now lightweight, quick and easy to install and require minimum effort to clean and maintain. There are also non-skid textures for safety as well as low glare floors to reduce light reflection. There are even dance floors that light up like the LED dance floor. Aside from real wooden dance floors, there are faux wood options and you can even pick the finish, color, thickness and border of the flooring.

Whether you are looking to install one for your home studio, or need it to transform an ordinary space into a party venue for one night, there is a type of dance floor for everyone. When choosing a dance floor, here are some things to consider.

  1. What will it be used for? What type of dancing will be done on the floor? For good shock absorption, a roll out vinyl dance floor is an affordable option. It allows for soft landings and is good for non percussive movement such as ballet, jazz and dance aerobics. Vinyl floors come in a variety of colors and even have different faux wood dance floor finishes. For tap dancing, a top layer hardwood floor such as maple or oak is needed. Other woods such as birch will not sustain more than a few hours of dancing without damaging the floor. However, some resilience is still needed to reduce risk of injury to the dancer. The under layer of the floor provides the resonance so a 2cm-5cm space is recommended under the top layer. Also, the wood must not be varnished or waxed. LED light floors add a unique touch to disco, hiphop or club dancing. The floor is illuminated and changes colors using computers.
  2. Permanent or movable. There are dance floors for rent or for sale. You can invest in a good quality permanent dance floor if you are using it professionally or for long-term use. For a club, an LED light dance floor is standard nowadays. It provides illumination in an otherwise dark area and is also fun. If you will need it for a special event such as a party for one night, then there are suppliers available that rent out portable dance floors such as You may not have as much of a say in the design of a portable dance floor, but you'll still get to select the size and general style (wood, light up, etc.). Portable dance floors can be set up even on uneven surfaces such as a garden. Interactive LED light dance floors are also available for rent online from sites such as For a directory of  dance floor suppliers in your state, go to
  3. How big is the area. The size of the area where the floor will be installed will affect your price. Before shopping around, measure the space you will use by getting the length and width of the space. Keep in mind the height of the ceiling since the thickness of your flooring will affect the overall height of the room.
  4. How much are you willing to spend? There are modular dance floors available that come in sections or a roll out vinyl dance floor. Both types don’t require tools and are quickly installed by just two people. If you rent, there is a minimum size, usually 800sq ft. Installation and transportation are extra costs.

Get samples of the flooring you like before making the big purchase. Having the right information will help you in your final decision based on your specific needs. Now you just need to learn a few steps to warm up that dance floor! Happy dancing!


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