How To Choose a Dance Recital Theme

A dance recital is the culmination of weeks and months of hard practice. It is the time to showcase to an audience what you can do. Planning a dance recital starts with choosing a theme. It must be something that different levels perform together on one stage. It is good to choose a theme that will allow you to perform different types of dance. Ideas for your theme can come from popular songs, movies, shows, colors or even current events. Your theme can be as broad or as narrow as you want. For example, you may go with rock and roll vs. Elvis Presley songs.

You want to impress your audience and bring out the best in your performers. Here are some questions to ask to help you decide how to choose a dance recital theme.

  1. Who will perform? Will the performers come from the beginner level, intermediate of professional level? Make sure your theme is doable for them. If your theme is too ambitious that require too many complicated moves, it may just frustrate your dancers. It has to be appropriate to the skill level of the performers. It’s good to ask your students what ideas they would like to do.
  2. What is the skill level?  Your theme should allow for various levels to be incorporated together. There are usually different classes for each skill and age level. You start of with the beginners then work your way to the more experience dancers.
  3. Who is your audience? Parents and friends are usually the ones watching the dance recital so it’s good to include elements that will be relatable to your audience. However, if you are performing for a specific group, such as grandparents, or perhaps children, you want to pick a theme that they will appreciate to maintain their attention. For older groups, you may choose something from their era or an artist popular in their generation. For an audience of children, you may decide to go with popular fairy tales. For teens, you may want go with something contemporary. Your theme should be age appropriate.
  4. When is the recital? Think about the season when your recital will be. During December, Christmas themes are an obvious choice. If there is an upcoming holiday, then you may decide to center your theme on that, such as Mother’s Day or Valentines Day for example. Current events may even be a theme such an environmental issues.
  5. Do you have the resources to execute it? Be realistic and decide if your theme is something you can do. Will your venue accommodate the number of performers and will there be enough space for any props and musicians you will use? Will you have access to the props and costumes necessary to bring out the theme? Most music is available for download at iTunes. Even if you have an elaborate theme, you may choose to simplify it by just getting elements from you theme such as the colors or perhaps just the songs.

Once you have a theme, you can easily be guided as to song selection, choreography, set design and all the other elements necessary to actualize your vision. Ideas are all around you! Just pick one that will showcase your talents at its best. Dance recitals take a lot of preparation but the hard work will translate on stage. 


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