How To Choose a Gift for a Best Man

Your best man will have a very important role in your wedding. Although you are already close to the best man, it’s still better that you give him a token to show your appreciation. The only problem is, choosing a gift for a man is more difficult than choosing a gift for a woman. Women have lots of accessories and they can be pleased easily but men are so simple—so simple that you can’t even think what gift they will prefer.

Choosing the best gift for your best man will be easy for as long as you consider certain factors, which are:

  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend for the best man’s gift? Set the maximum price you are willing to pay for the gift before you start hunting for the perfect gift. It’s okay to pamper your best man since it’s only a once-in-a-lifetime event. But if you can’t go beyond your set budget, then just find something that will be best for that budget.
  • Lifestyle. Give a gift that will be useful for the best man’s hobbies and profession. For instance, if he likes collecting mini-race cars, then an additional mini-race car or a display cabinet will be great. If your friend is a business executive, then something simple yet elegant like an organizer or a card holder will be great.
  • Need. Most people will appreciate gifts that they want, not what they need. It’s because most of the time, people already have the things they need. But if your friend needs something that he doesn’t own, then it’s a good idea to give it to him, like a travel thermos or a new bag. Aside from filling up for something he needs, you will also be flattered once you see him using that thing.

Still can’t think of the best gift for your best man?

Some of the traditional best man gifts are cuff links, flask, a classic watch, lighter, pocket knife, travel case, money clip, gold keychain, and mug. Try to consider a bag, a barbeque kit, paperweight, passport holder, photo frame, alarm clock, business card case, wine keeper, chess set, CD case, or lunchbox.

But if you think he will not appreciate traditional gifts that much, then go for the unique best man gifts. These traditional gifts can be personalized so it will surely be his alone. Engraving a gift is also traditional but that will give a personalized appeal.

Many local gift shops must have some personalized best man gifts. If not, you can order online. Stores like Grooms Online Gifts and Gunther Gifts can be a good start when looking for the best gifts. Traditional online stores like Amazon are great sources, too. Even eBay can be a good spot for cheap yet very ideal best man gift.

Whatever gifts you’ll give, always remember that it should be from your heart. Your best man will surely feel how well-thought of his gift is. And that, will certainly be appreciated for life.


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