How To Choose a Next-Generation Handheld Console

Handheld gaming consoles are great entertainment for your children. but of the many handheld gaming consoles out in the market, choosing one which will be the most fun and useful for your kids can be difficult. To help you through this, here are some pointers that you can consider.

  1. Age. The age of your child will determine the complexity of the handheld console that you should buy. There are some very complex handheld consoles that a very young player will not be able to appreciate or make much use of. For instance, there are very advanced games that can be played on the PSP, but smaller children will be equally content and happy with simpler games on simpler handheld consoles.  Some gaming consoles are designed for very small children, while others still are designed for teenagers who have fingers that are more used to the smaller buttons on the larger handheld consoles where screen size and resolution is the emphasis.
  2. Other features. Handheld consoles today offer more than just games. You can also use these to store your files, play music and videos, scan pictures, and surf the web. The PSP, for example, has wireless capabilities that allow it to connect to Wi-Fi zones. If your child is old enough to enjoy the Internet, these additional features on the new handheld consoles will be very useful. On the other hand, it can push the price tag higher without being useful if the child does not enjoy these games in the first place.
  3. Genres. Also consider the types of games that your child enjoys playing. There are some consoles which work well with puzzle games. If you r child is a fun of Tetris and Brain Age, the DS is a console that you should consider highly on your list of possible gaming consoles. On the other hand, you should consider the PSP if your child prefers games with great graphics and first person shooting modes. Role playing games are also best with the PSP handheld console. Also consider the game manufacturers that are subscribed to the gaming console company. For instance, there are specific game manufacturers that produce games for Nintendo, while Sony also has a number of dedicated game makers.
  4. Compatibility. There are certain games that will be played on your handheld console and ripped from your other gaming consoles. If you already have Game Boy Advance, you can settle for a DS which will play the same games that you already have on the Game Boy Advance. This will allow you to save up on money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing brand new games. This is especially useful for people who have already found the types of games that they like best and do not need to search for new games.
  5. Price. Finally, consider the price tag that comes attached to these handheld gaming consoles. Some will cost as much as several hundred dollars. If you want to save, you can purchase refurbished or second hand products – as long as you are sure that the items are still fully functional.

With these in mind, you should be able to present a great gift for your kids that will keep them entertained for hours on end.


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