How To Choose a Photo Restoration Service

Keeping pictures of people you care about so much or of joyous events you would want to remember throughout the rest of your life can be a little troublesome.  The elements of nature and the unavoidable wear and tear provide difficulties in making the photographs as vivid as they were when they were just printed.  The older the photos become, the harder they are to maintain.  However, you just cannot let them fade just as you cannot allow your wonderful memories lose color in the face of present day realities. You should get the get the help of a photo restoration service.

Looking for a company that offers this service is not at all a tough task.  If you have an Internet-connected PC at home, you can just let your mouse do the shopping by simply going to a search engine and enter keywords related to it or to digital restoration.  You will certainly find many. In fact, too many, choosing one can become perplexing.  In order for you to narrow down your options, here are some pointers to getting the right one.

  1. Look for the nearest shop that can give you the service.  If you find one that is located just within the city you live, that is even better.  You can easily visit the shop to hand out the old photo.  If photo correction has to be done, you can easily visit the shop so that you can give your ideas on how it is to be done.
  2. Find one that can provide the most number of services related to image restoration.  These include repair color adjustment of faded images, crease removal, water or chemical damage removal, and even filling in of missing or torn parts or pieces.
  3. Not just that, you have to make sure the restorer expertly does his job.  Try to look at his samples.  He is usually more than eager to show these to their prospective customers.  Ask his staff how they will treat your photo.  If they can show you how it is to be restored and repaired through the computer, this helps you in making a choice.
  4. Ask if the shop asks for charges for every additional service they make on your photo.  Some shops ask for another rate for photo fix.  Others include it for the entire package. 
  5. Ask the shop if you can have a look on a digital copy of the finished product before they print it.  This will give you the chance of making corrections before finalizing.  There are cases that the color restoration of a photo may affect the skin tone, which you may want untouched.

When you think that all those above are met by a certain shop that does photo restoration, then try to see how much it charges for its services.  Always remember, though, that the price must only come second in importance to the quality they provide.


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