How To Choose a Record Label

If you’re an aspiring artist and you want a record label to carry you under its wing to help you produce your first album, you have to choose really wisely. After you’ve recorded your demo of about three to five tracks, you should already shopping yourself and your music to record executives. Take to the studio, write and record music so that you would have something to show the executives. Make sure that each track is recorded the best and cleanest way possible.

If you want to choose a record label that would carry your music, here are the steps that you would have to follow to make your dream happen:

  1. Dream big, but be realistic. There’s nothing wrong with going to a big recording company for an audition but don’t put your eggs in one basket. You should always have a back up plan just in case things don’t work out with one record label. Have at least half a dozen record companies on your contact list so that you could contact them any time for a go-see or an audition.
  2. Make sure that your demo is well recorded. Try to collaborate with a good producer and sound mixer so that your demo could be recorded in the best way possible. Have your sessionist friends so that they could lay out the guitar, bass, drums and other vocal tracks. You may have to make separate tracks for different instruments and vocal arrangements.
  3. Consider the genre that the record label is good at. Some record companies specialize in electronica acts. Some labels may be more partial towards getting artists who could cater to the hip-hop rap market while there are some labels that are devoted to pushing rock and indie. If there is label that supports the genre that you’re in, you should really consider them.
  4. Record companies are the ones that would help you create your first album. If you really want to make sure that the first album would be the best that it could be, pick the record label with the producers that could really help you out. If you have multiple offers, go with the one that has a better recording studio and crew to clean up and put together your album.
  5. A recording label should also have a good marketing component. Aside from helping you record an album, a record label should also give you a nice boost in selling your album. They should allow you to set tour dates and other events to make sure that you’re always in the public eye.

For a recording artist, being signed by a label is one of the goals. Choosing a label boils down to trusting a company that could really take you and your music to the next level. Keep your dream alive and one day you would get your dream to be signed under a label. You could always release an independent album if things don’t work out.


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