How To Choose a Venue for a Rave

A rave is a party where anything can happen. It started around the late 80’s and has evolved to promote the most popular songs, where people dance to trance music while twirling around glow sticks and where sex and recreational drugs are common. The point has always been the same—to let loose and have fun. To get in, you have to show some type of identification and there is usually a cover charge. You pay to get into the party and once inside, anything goes.

A rave can get pretty rowdy so if you’re planning one, you need to find an appropriate venue.

  1. Determine how big a group you want to be able to handle. The size of your venue should be able to accommodate the number of guests you want. However, you don’t want the place to be too roomy or it won’t feel so crowded. You want to feel like your party is packed. It seems that the more crowded the venue is, the more people want to get in.
  2. Decide when your rave event will be. During the summer season, you have the option of holding it outdoors. During the colder season, you’ll definitely want it indoors. You need to set a date for your event early so you have enough time to advertise it and prepare all your suppliers.
  3. Determine what your space requirements are. Can you afford your venue? Your venue should have enough room for your bar and seating. Check also restroom accessibility. Consider parking or public transportation access and security. Also, make sure your venue can handle the voltage requirements of your event.
  4. Find a place that’s accessible but not too centrally located. Rave parties have a cloud of secrecy and an underground element to it because anything is allowed, which makes it more enticing to young partygoers. Venues are usually a little out of the way. Examples are warehouses, a club or the roof deck of a building. You don’t want it too out of the way that no one can go.
  5. Check the acoustics. Does your venue have a DJ setup already or do you need to rent a mobile? Also, does the space have soundproofing? Because the party can get rowdy and loud till the wee hours of the morning, you don’t want to be disturbed by the police because of noise control.
  6. Ensure there’s space for a bar setup. Every party needs refreshments. If you are having your event in an existing club and they have a bar, find out if there’s a minimum guarantee. This means the bar has a quota to reach for the night and your event has to be able to generate that amount of sales for the evening. You may be able to work out an arrangement with the bar where your overall rental is discounted in exchange for bar sales.
  7. Get everything in writing. Read your contract. Be specific with your needs and have it itemized such as setup hours, clean up requirement, deposits and corkage fees. Make sure your rental fee covers all the hours of your event. Especially read your limits of liability particularly regarding any damage to the venue or their equipment.

Planning a rave party is just like planning any other party. You need to consider the when, where and who. Advertise your event through the proper channels and you’re sure to have a smashing success.


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