How To Choose and Break Tile for Mosaic Projects

Using broken tiles for a mosaic project is extremely artistic. When you break tile, you can create just about anything that your imagination can envision. The advantage of using broken tiles for mosaic projects is that free tiles can be found in the garage or from leftovers in house constructions. From trash, you can turn the tile into million-dollar artwork. The materials you need are a hammer, tiles, a plastic bag, and an old towel.

Keep in mind the following pointers when choosing and breaking tiles for mosaic projects:

  1. Collect as many tiles as you can. Look for interesting patterns and colors of tile pieces to include in your collection. Variation of patterns will help you expand your artistic sense. You can search your garage and the garages of your friends for free or discounted tiles. Watch out for those who just had their houses improved because they surely have spare and leftover tiles.
  2. Decide on how you want your mosaic project to look. For a three-dimensional project, you will need tiles of varied textures and colors. But if you plan to make a tray, you need to use tiles of the same thickness. You can make a sketch of the design so you can just follow the pattern when you are ready to start the mosaic project.
  3. Find a suitable place to break the tiles. For safety against debris, find a place outside the house that has a concrete surface. Ensure that there are no children playing around to avoid accident with the broken pieces. An adult should be present to supervise the breaking of tiles when a younger one is tasked to do it.
  4. Lay out an old towel to cover the concrete surface where you will break the tiles. Leave one half of the towel hanging and use it to cover the tiles that you have to break.
  5. Use safety goggles to protect your eyes against broken pieces. Then, place the tiles inside a plastic bag and cover it with the other half of the towel.
  6. Press down the towel to the plastic bag containing the tiles to outline the pieces. And with the use of a hammer, strike the towel until you hear the tiles crack. Start striking in the middle and then proceed with the four corners. Continue striking until you achieve the sizes of the broken pieces that you need for the mosaic project.
  7. Uncover the broken pieces of tiles. Separate the large pieces from the smaller ones. You can use the small pieces for the intricate details while you can strike the bigger pieces again to have smaller sizes.
  8. Then sort the broken tiles according to sizes, colors, and patterns. Place these broken pieces that you have chosen in a separate container. Make sure that you discard the pieces that you do not need and keep them away from children.

The things you need for the mosaic project can simply be found in your own house. From the trash materials, you can make a fantastic art.


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