How To Choose Baby Gifts for Twins

Buying a gift for twins is just like buying a gift for one baby, only you’ll make it double. That’s double the budget and double the effort. It may not be that easy, though. But by following a guide like this, choosing will somehow be fun and wiser.


Every twin is different so it’s safe to consider these things when choosing a gift for them:

  • Gender. What’s the gender of the twins? Are they boys, girls, or a boy-and-girl? You can base your baby gift to their gender. If you’ll be giving gift for boys, then some boy toys like cars or balls will be great. Girls will love stuffed toys. But you can play it safe and choose educational toys, which both girls and boys will love. Plus, their parents will value educational toys better than any other toys.
  • Age. How can building blocks be appropriate for two-month old babies? That is why you should consider the age when choosing a gift for twins. Frame the gift to their needs, say if the twins are newborn, then things like diapers, baby clothes, or other infant care things will be best.
  • Babies’ needs. Taking care for twins is not only difficult but expensive. Help their parents by giving practical gifts that they’ll surely need. Maybe the twins need more cloth diapers or they need more nursing pillows.
  • Babies’ wants. Can the babies already talk about what they want? Ask them the things that they want and consider giving those things to them.

Gift Ideas for Baby Twins

Do you already have some gift ideas in mind? If you’re still having a hard time thinking, here is a list of some ideal gifts for baby twins:

  • Gift check. Let the parents decide what are the best gifts for the twins. This will save you time, too, while giving them the opportunity of choosing the best gift that their children can have. Giving gift check is ideal if you can’t figure out the best gift to give.
  • For mommy. Do you think the babies are already showered with so many gifts? Why not give a gift to their mommy, instead? Give her something that she and her twins will love like a baby carrier.
  • Infant Care. Babies need a lot of things—from special alcohol to special clothes. They need these things and so as their parents. Why not provide these things to them as a form of gift?
  • Rattles. Classic yet still fun, babies love to hear sound especially at their early months. Rattles will also help them be calm and enjoy.
  • Twin items. Perhaps you have a local store catering for the needs of twins and multiple babies. Online shops like Just 4 Twins, Twin Gifts & Invitations, and Twins Things offer lovely things for twins. Find perfect gift ideas from these or similar stores. 

Not all ideal gifts for twins have to be material. You can lend help and that is a wonderful gift. When thinking of baby gifts for twins, prioritize what the children need and then what they want. That way, you’ll be a practical gift-giver and not a spoiler.


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