How To Choose Craft Wood for Your Woodworking Projects

There are several types of wood you can use for crafting. You can choose from hardwood, softwood, native softwoods and exotic woods.

Hardwood (walnut and oak) comes from trees that shed their leaves during different seasons. These types of woods are a little more expensive and they tend to last for a long time.

Softwoods (pine, cedar, and redwood) come from evergreen trees and other trees that have cones. These woods are a little easier to find and they are somewhat cheaper. Native softwoods and exotic woods are excellent for woodworkers and furniture designers. All of these types of woods are available in block and board form.

Craft wood Tools
When you start creating those pieces of art and designing furniture, you must have the right type of tools. You should have sharpening tools, carving tools and power tools. The types of tools that are required in woodworking are: chisels, mallets, knives, gouges, stones, strops, and rifflers.

Choosing the right craft wood

The first thing to do is determine your budget. Then look at your project plans and determine how much wood you are going to need. Research online and local retailers to see where your shopping will start. Also, make sure that you have the right tools for your project.

Different types of wood are best for certain types of projects:

  • Blinds, paneling, frames and doors- Eastern white pine, Black Cherry and Mahogany
  • Chest/Closets - Eastern Cedar
  • Framing, Veneer - Douglas fir, Eastern White Pine
  • Moldings, Doors - Western Cedar, Eastern White Pine

Best places to buy craft wood
You can purchase craft wood at specialty lumber dealers, from specialty magazines and catalogues, online retailers, lumber yards, and home centers. The best place to start may be at your local lumber yard; you can take a look around and ask questions of the clerks there. The home centers are fairly knowledgeable about certain types of woods and they may be able to assist you, depending on the nature of your project. Online retailers are probably cheaper but you don't have the same customer service and hands-on help that the physical retailers can offer.

The best way to properly choose craft wood is to plan out your project carefully and decide upon a budget; from there you can determine the right project materials. Once you have figured that out, then the type of wood should be fairly simple to find.  


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