How To Choose Glass Painting Brushes

Glass painting is a beautiful art form. Glass, which could otherwise be dull in its transparency, is painted with multiple colors that form a definite image. To achieve the desired image, the paints should be applied in a way that creates depth, dimension, and vitality. The use of the right paint brush is crucial in this process. So as not to sacrifice the beauty of the image, you have to choose the proper paint brush for your glass painting project. To help you, here are a few tips.

  1. Know the different kinds of paint brush. Glass paint brushes fall in four major categories: tracing brush, applicator, blender, and scrub. Tracing brush usually has fine point and is used when making fine lines and specific details. Applicator, on the other hand, is wide, soft, and flat and is used to brush paint on a large area. Also flat and broad, blender comes in handy when accomplishing matting effects. Scrub can either be flat and round. Using scrub, you can remove the matting to highlight a detail or apply glass paint to create an effect.
  2. Shop around. Look for paint brushes in paint supply stores. You can either go to a physical store or online store. Going to a physical store has an advantage because you can try and hold the brushes yourself. Looking from an online store, however, gives you the ease and convenience of shopping around. Whichever you choose, you have to make sure that you have ample options.
  3. Check the brushes meticulously. Whether you are looking at the actual brush or online picture, you have to check the paint brushes individually. Take a closer look at the bristles. Are the bristles durable? Are they made from quality materials? Can they hold paint well? The handles should be examined as well. They should be comfortable to hold and should have easy grip.
  4. Compare paint brushes. You have to find as many options as possible. This will enable you to compare and arrive at the best options. Paint brushes of course vary greatly in the materials used and manufacturing process; you will find that some are made from imported materials and are handmade. Because of these differences, prices also vary. Some paint brushes can go as low as $7, while some can go as high as $100. When choosing paint brushes, decide what is important to you. Do you mind shelling out tens of dollars? Do you care if the materials are imported? Or any brush will do for as long it can hold paint?
  5. Read product reviews. As with any of your purchase, you should have a guided decision when choosing paint brushes. Therefore, take time to read product reviews online and in magazines. Product reviews authored by experts are particularly credible, so look for these before buying.

Brush performance is still your number one consideration. So choose the paint brushes that can meet your painting needs and that which can help you achieve the effect you are aiming for.


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