How To Choose Music Books

Most musicians compare browsing through music books to a child browsing through a candy store. Most large music stores have a separate department set aside specifically for musicians to locate the particular music books intended for the specific instrument or instruments that they play.  Along with the multitude of music books on the racks are also sheet music that ranges from the novice to the more experienced in any type of instrument, plus books of music that span from the classics to the most current up-to-date interpretations to be played on all instruments.

Here are tips for finding music books:

  1. Look for a music store that sells a sizeable display of musical instruments. This will assure you of finding precisely the specific kind of music books that you are looking for.
  2. Phone ahead if you are in doubt that the music store will carry an older issue of specific books of music meant for your particular instrument.  If they do not have what you are looking for in stock, there is always the possibility that they will be able to order it for you.
  3. Choose music books relating to only scales and chords if you are studying classical music. Learning to play the classics without a proper background will inhibit you from learning how to create the chords and scales needed to play the most intricate piece of classical music.
  4. Select from the assortments of jazz music books if this is the type of music you play relating to your specific instrument or instruments. Glance for music books that are easy to learn from if you are a beginner or search through the more difficult methods for those who are professional musicians.
  5. Buy music books that contain music for specific occasions. Each year most holidays feature the latest instrumental versions relating to the specific music books you pick.
  6. Look through the numerous instruments that the music store sells while you are searching for music books. Choose a new instrument to learn or to play with an instrument owned by a family member or a friend. It is always fun playing a piece of music as a duet instead of alone to entertain at parties or even to form a band.
  7. Find music books that have harmonious arrangements meant for duets or multiple instruments. Choose holiday music if major holidays are approaching, church music if you will be playing solo at church services, or music books that contain wedding songs to play at a friend's wedding.


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