How To Choose the Best Rotary Cutter

When it comes to quilting, a rotary cutter is a great tool to use for your projects. Rotary cutters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but choosing the best one really is based on your needs. A few factors that will be covered today are the blade, the handle, and safety latches.


Rotary cutters contain blades of different sizes, so it's difficult to decide which one is best for what part of the project. A rotary cutter blade ranges in size from 18 millimeters to 60 millimeters. It has been said that the larger the blade, the better it is for cutting through fabrics, as long as you're not having a hard time cutting through. Smaller blades are best suited for things like curves and smaller parts of the quilt. While the smaller blade has its uses, the larger blade is the more commonly used of the two.


Another factor that plays a role in choosing a rotary cutter is the handle. Handles for rotary cutters come in a variety of designs and different levels of usefulness. Two options in rotary cutter handles are straight handles or ones that are curved to fit to your hand, although there are more designs out there. This option is really up to you and what you think will be more comfortable. You'll want to choose a handle design that will keep your hand from hurting after you've worked for a long time. If you're someone who likes the thought of having comfort while you're working, then a curved handle may be for you. It'll help with your hands so they don't get stiff or sore.

Safety latch

The final feature of a rotary cutter that should be considered is the safety latch. Many rotary cutters come with a latch that can flip open to expose the blade, then flips closed and the blade is gone. There is, however, the new option of an automatic safety latch, which will be easier to use if you have hand or joint problems. This option would also be helpful if you have children, so they don't get hurt as well.

With these tips, there's no doubt that taking the time to select a good rotary cutter will provide you with what you need. With the options given today, you'll have no problem finding what's best for you and your quilting projects.


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