How To Circle in a Unicycle

Unicycling has been around for a long time, and almost every child and adult has been introduced to it by circus clowns. Unicycling is one of those sports where balance plays a major part in performing a skill or a stunt. Keeping your balance riding on two wheels takes practice, and with a unicycle you have to double or triple that effort. A beginner will find it really hard to stay balanced and seated on a unicycle. Hard work and constant practice are needed to learn this, and there are various methods by which you can learn. There are schools teaching this sport and there are various unicycling communities you can look into. Enthusiasts will tell you to stay seated, pedal continuously and practice several times a day to get the rhythm.

Today, unicycling is enjoying wide appeal and children and adults alike have taken to it and use a unicycle for sports, for exercise and for going to places. Some even use it for commuting. Although difficult to learn initially, when you get into the rhythm and discover your center of gravity, things will be easier. Now that you have learned to cycle forward and back, it is time to learn how to turn and move on to riding in circles using your unicycle.

  1. You should have a pole that is slightly longer than your height or a friend you can hold on to.
  2. Start with the power position. Hold the pole at shoulder level with your less dominant hand. Stretch your arm holding the pole and plant the pole on the ground. If you do not have a pole, then ask a friend to stand at arms length from you either on your left or right side. Grasp your friend’s shoulder with your less dominant hand.
  3. From the power position, we are going in the counterclockwise direction. Slightly shift your body’s weight to the left, twist your chest slightly to the left. Your right hand should be slightly bent and almost across your chest for balance. Rock forward and backward to get the proper balance and push off when you’ve got the pedals leveled. Begin your pedaling with your inner foot, in this case, the left foot.
  4. The pole or your friend should turn with you as you make the circle, acting as the central axle. Pedal quickly to gain momentum. Do not lean too much on the left or your will fall. Look in the direction where you are going and do not look down. Maintain an upright position and your back straight as you start to circle. If you are holding on to a pole, the end of the pole should be touching the ground at all times.
  5. You can either begin learning this by doing quarter or half circles first, then stop before doing it again. Adjust your weight shift and how you are leaning for better results. Do not put your weight on the pedals. It should always be distributed on the seat.
  6. Once you get the hang of it, practice doing it clockwise, going in circle with your right side on the inside. Experts recommend doing it for two hundred times a day until the movement becomes automatic.
  7. When you can already go around without too much effort, it is time to let go of the pole or your friend and use both your arms for balance. Place your left hand slightly behind you and your right arm across your chest for counterclockwise circles. Do the reverse when you want to circle clockwise. It might not be as smooth as before when you are still holding on to something but it can be done. Just be patient and continue practicing.

Pedal quickly at all times, until you have proper control of weight distribution and balance as you make a circular turn. Do not pedal too fast or you will fall backwards. Maintain your center of gravity as you execute the arcs. Always wear the recommended protective gear while your ride your unicycle.


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