How To Clean a 55 Gallon Fish Tank

Owning pets can give a lot of happiness and relaxation for those who love animals. However, it cannot be denied that having a dog or a cat at home requires a lot of patience and effort too. Maybe one of the least tedious pet to take care of is a fish. But how about if you have a lot of fishes in a 55 gallon fish tank? How will you maintain the aquarium to keep all your fishes healthy and happy just like you? Here are some of the basic tips that you may want to try when you are stuck in this situation.

Your fish tank or commonly known as aquarium is running with a filter or bubble device which you will need to turn off before cleaning it to avoid electric shock and other hazardous accidents.

Now you can start cleaning the fish tank by changing the dirty water inside with clean water of course. You do not have to take the fishes off since these can make them sick or stressed. There are certain amounts of water that must be taken out for every size of a fish tank. For the 55 gallon aquarium, you must only pour out at least 1/4 of what is inside without exceeding more than half of it.

You must also have a hosepipe of a gravel siphon vacuum to remove all the dirt inside the tank. You can do this by putting the hose inside the tank and making sure it reaches the bottom part. Turn on the gravel siphon vacuum and start taking out the fish muck and the dirt by moving the hose on all the dirty parts of the fish tank.

Get a sponge and start wiping the inside part of the fish tank to get rid of the algae, as well as the rings that may have formed because of the water. These can be visible if you have not cleaned your tank for a long time.

You can now start filling your bucket with the use of water from tap to replace the content that you removed earlier. Add pH buffer which keeps the pH balance of the water or Ammo-Lock that removes ammonia, chlorine and other harmful chemicals found in a tap water.

Use a thermometer specifically for aquariums to compare the temperatures of the leftover water inside the tank and the water in your bucket. Make sure that their temperatures are similar before putting the treated tap water in the fish tank to keep the water stable and to keep your fish from getting ill. After assuring the right temperature, slowly fill the tank with the clean water and do not create big splashes or throw it in quickly since this can make the fishes feel panic or stress.

Also keep in mind that normal fish tanks should be cleaned at least every three months while a 55 gallon fish tank must be maintained every month since it size can accommodate a lot of water creatures and even different forms of dirt as well.


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