How To Clean Cemetery Headstones

The cemetery is a place where dead people or loved ones are buried. It is a place where people go to, to remember the dead. When a person dies, his body is temporarily kept in a mortuary before bringing it to the cemetery. The cemetery will serve as their final resting place.

Some of the well-known cemeteries in the world are the Woodlawn and the Greenwood cemetery in New York City, the Fairview cemetery in Nova Scotia where most of the victims of Titanic were buried and the historic Rose Hill cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.

The cemetery is also a good place to go to if you are looking for a certain person’s lineage or ancestry. A lot of people bury their love ones in the same cemetery. You can see headstones, monuments and mausoleums of different families.

Cemetery headstones are important in a grave. They serve as marks so that the buried body can be easily identified. Headstones or grave markers usually consist of the name of the person buried in the grave. Relatives of the dead can also add certain information about the one who passed away. The date of birth and the date when the person died are often included on the headstone. Some just engrave words or notes on the headstone.

Cleaning headstones is a must for those who have loved ones in the cemetery. It is a sign of respect and care for the dead. Cleaning cemetery headstones is easy. Here are some tips on how to clean cemetery headstones:

  1. Prepare the cleaning materials. Before you head out to the cemetery, it is best to prepare the cleaning materials that you will need. A sponge, rug, soap and water are the some of the basic things that you will need.
  2. Protect important markings. Before you start scrubbing the headstone, first make sure that you have protected any important markings like a photograph or fixtures. Put a newspaper or a plastic sheet on it.
  3. Assess how dirty the headstone is. By assessing the dirt on the headstone, you will have a clear idea on how to clean it. If the headstone is just soiled or has mud, wiping it with a clean wet rag will do the trick. If it is with mold and mildew, you might want to try washing it with soap and water.
  4. Trim the grass around the headstone. The grass clutters the side of the headstone giving it a dirty look. Trimming the grass around the headstone is a good way to keep the headstone clean.
  5. Paint. Although this is optional, painting the headstone is a good way to make it look new. Fresh paint will give the headstone a fresh and clean look.

Proper maintenance of a headstone is a good way to remember your loved ones. You do not have to clean the headstone everyday but if you do not have time to clean the headstone at all, maybe you can talk to the cemetery association. Cemetery associations usually have caretakers who you can pay to clean the headstone for you.


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