How To Collect and Trade Baseball Cards

Baseball card collecting and trading has been around for generations. Ask your dad and he'll probably tell you about his favorite childhood rookie card and how he used to trade baseball cards with his friends on the weekends in front of the candy store. It's a great hobby that has baseball fans yearning for quality cards, rare finds, and complete baseball card collections. Great for children and adults alike, consider getting into collecting and trading baseball cards. Here's how:

Step 1

Know how to spot a deal. To start your baseball card collection, you're going to have to invest a little bit of money into your hobby (unless you were lucky enough to be given a starter set.) Before you drop into your local sports card store and offer to pay full asking price for all of their baseball cards, you need to know the value of baseball cards. For this, they have pricing guides. Look at the condition of any card that you are considering buying or trading. Let the pricing guide be your first hint at what baseball cards are good to buy, collect and trade.

Step 2

Determine what the card is worth to you. Even though the pricing guide may have a set value on a particular baseball card, it's also important to determine what the card is worth to you. Perhaps you would be willing to pay more for a holographic baseball card of your favorite player, and that's fine. After all, hobbies are built on enjoyment, so you should be happy and excited with the baseball cards you collect and trade. On the flip side, if you're offered a trade or a price for your baseball card that you don't think is adequate, don't take the deal. Keep your treasured baseball cards close to your heart, and only let them go when the price and the feeling of the trade is right.

Step 3

Look for cards in your friend's collection that you'd like to have. The great thing about trading baseball cards is that often, no money has to change hands. Look through your friend's baseball card collection and sort out any cards you would love to have. Place out any baseball cards you'd be willing to trade for those baseball cards, and with your friend, come up with a deal you can both agree on. Often, one of you will need to be willing to hand over a few less-valuable cards to acquire the specific card you have your eye on. Once you both are happy with the terms of the trade, it's as simple as handing over the baseball cards that have been traded. Ownership changes hands at that point.

Step 4

Supplement your baseball card collection with new ones every now and then. Even though trading and buying used baseball cards can be fun, it's also a good idea to buy a new pack of baseball cards every once in a while too. You never know what great card you'll find hidden a pack of baseball cards. These are readily available at grocery, department, and sporting stores. Sometimes you may be able to collect a complete collection or series of baseball cards simply by purchasing packs. Buy a couple packs and enjoy adding to your baseball card collection.


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