How To Collect Anime

If you love anime, but don't want to be constantly glued to your television, then you there is something that you need to know! Now there is a whole new way to collect your favorite characters and creatures for you to show off to your bishi buddies and your fan-girl friends. When hunting for your precious fan-based possessions, the Internet is not the only way to search for your new Desert Punk doll or that Teddy bear kigurumi that Lin wears.

  1. When collecting anime, the first items that you’re going to want to start your collection with videos and DVDs - preferably the series of your choice - remember that your anime friends will be impressed by the large variety of your favorite animes. For those who can't decide, whatever you think is interesting in general will work. For example, those who love vampires should browse for Van Hellsing or Vampire Hunter D.
  2. Buy all of the anime toys that you were deprived of as a child. Models, actions figures, robots, stuffed dolls - your options are endless. If you think that you have money burning a hole in your pocket, try vintage!
  3. Start attending Anime conventions like Otakon or Nekocon; at cons like these you can buy original artwork hand-drawn by your favorite anime artists. You can get signed wall-scrolls or cat ears from the voice actors of your beloved Fay from cowboy bebop or Ed from Full metal alchemist! Oh... Vic Mignogna.
  4. Collect Cells - the hand painted transparencies they used to create an individual frames used during the actual anime production process. Try raiding specialty shops, search through anime conventions, track through online auctions, or simply meet with art dealers for one of these cells.
  5. Now of course, you can't try to say you’re a die hard anime fan or collector if you don't have at least one of those handmade or online bought cosplay costume. No those kigurumis are not only comfortable pajamas, but yes Yahiko (real name Fred) it's also an adorable way to cosplay. Don't forget the snazzy props that have to go with your seven inch Styrofoam replica of Cloud's hair, it's not really cloud without the sword.
  6. Well, toward the end of your collecting spree, you’re going to want to smooth out the edges of your collecting with merchandise based around your favorite anime. For example those Hello kitty cups or those Naruto plates that you’ve been eyeing across the room. Remember that a practical collectible will be well worth its value.

Well now that you've gotten the basics of collecting, it's time for you to pillage, plunder, and raid your nearest conventions and online stores! Leave no vendor unturned or any card shop untouched. Collecting anime is an art in itself and you wouldn't want to deprive yourself of art, now would you? Have fun!


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