How To Collect Baseball Pennants

Aside from baseball cards, caps, and jerseys, novice baseball memorabilia collectors can also collect baseball pennants. It’s very easy to collect and quite inexpensive. Baseball pennants do not take much space, which is perfect for new collectors with not much area to display their acquired items. You can hang either hang them on the wall or display them like flags from the ceiling. Baseball pennants can be collected in any of the following manner.

  • Buy new pennants. There are many online stores that sell baseball pennants. One such store is Baseball Flags and Pennants. The site has section devoted entirely to baseball pennants. You will get to choose from wool pennants, Cooperstown pennants, large MLB pennants, and championship banners in different sizes. All pennants sold at the site are licensed merchandise so you are assured of authentic colors and latest team insignias in the pennants. More importantly, you know that your pennants are of premium quality.
  • You can also buy new baseball pennants in souvenir shops at the home stadiums of your favourite MLB teams. Also consider buying baseball pennants of collegiate teams. They do not cost much but they might be worth something someday. Just make sure that you buy from authorized sellers of collegiate merchandise so you get premium quality pennants for your money.
  • Buy vintage pennants. As you can expect, vintage baseball pennants are more expensive than new pennants. You can buy vintage pennants in the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York. You can also buy them at online stores like Antique Athlete and Keyman Collectibles. You will find pictures and descriptions of baseball pennants along with prices in these sites. Vintage baseball pennants can set you back by at least $100. But they’re good investment and you can always sell them after if you are in need of cash.
  • You can also try scouring flea markets and garage sales for vintage pennants. There are many sellers who sell sports memorabilia and other collectibles in such markets at very low prices just to get rid of the lot. Avid collectors of baseball memorabilia should make it a habit to visit flea markets and garage sales.
  • Clean up attics and basements. If you haven’t been in your family’s attic or basement for a while, it might do your collection some good if you actually take time to browse through the boxes. Your parents or grandparents might have a baseball pennant or two stored somewhere in those boxes. You might even find other baseball memorabilia to add to your collection.

Collecting baseball pennants is an easy and enjoyable task that does not require a lot of money. Make sure that you properly display and store your baseball pennants so that they would remain in good condition. You can use pennant protectors to protect your collection from the elements. You can also use pennant frames to display your collection. Both pennant frames and protectors can be bought at stores that sell baseball pennants. Happy collecting!


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